Unbelievable! George S. was in the making of the Direction! – Peter Cvik

Unbelievable! George S. [!] Was the beginning of the direction

After the media reported that the greatest contemporary hater Georga Sorosa, the Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán received a scholarship from the US billionaire in his dollars, which he now wondered, the world is another scandal! At the beginning of the Direction, one can say directly to his cradle, standing like a Mennonite father like George S.

How did that come about? After the HZDS principals came to the conclusion after the elections in 1998 that Meciar was already on the run as a broken ladder and they did not come up higher, they decided to set up a new party to defend their interests. The election fell on Robert Fico, who quickly bought the brand "social democracy" from his owner, Boris Zal. "Rebel" Robert Fico of the then SDL, seemed to them the most suitable person to achieve their own goals. What was the role of George S.? Because there was nothing left and nothing less than money, he could not miss such a project. The first down payment was the money that this kind of people had become accustomed to loans to political parties with an interest of 1,000%, the second was the people who, through obedient voice in the parliament and in government functions, secured the fulfillment of his interests . Of course, the 1000% interest was finally paid and still paid by the citizens of Slovakia. Trebárs in the construction of highways or the reconstruction of the castle of Bratislava. That regarding George S.? Very simple.

George is an English version of the name Juraj. And, because English does not recognize soft, long and the like, "S" is the abbreviation of Wide

So Juraj Široký

A secret is revealed

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