UNIQA insurer ignores the facts and the written statement of its own manager – discussion (page: 1)

My experience with UNIQA is similar – it was the application of PZP – it took 2 years. The time that UNIQA & # 39; s people stretched for time did not react, lure and mourn – just a messy primitive tactic like a man with reproaches against disgust, discouragement and time-consuming. UNIQA has fulfilled its obligation until the payment order has been issued. I.e. just before they ended up in the execution and they did not have it in their hands.
But not to criticize them – it's a bit more complicated than a case, but it does not justify the unreliable negotiations and the smuggling practices that the man has time for. And I suspect that 95% would be successful in their tactics, in the sense that they would get out of the way and leave the housemates of UNIQA.

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