Vietnamese kidnapping: Slovakia offered flights to Moscow, say Germans

Robert Kaliňák.
Photo: TASR

A kidnapped Vietnamese could transport Slovakian specials to Hanoi, but only to Moscow to Vietnam. He writes about, referring to the German court. A few weeks ago, he sentenced one of the participants in the kidnapping of the Vietnamese manager Trinh Xuan Thanha from Berlin.

"According to the judges, the Slovak Ministry of the Interior provided a Vietnamese delegation, including a kidnapped plane, to fly to Moscow, and they also offered a flight to Hanoi, but did not want this Vietnamese side," said Lisa Jani, a spokeswoman for the court in Berlin.

The Vietnamese secret service brought Thanha to Bratislava last June via Bratislava. For Moscow, the kidnappers and the kidnapped survived the government special. According to the German judge, it is possible that the Slovak government was not aware of the actual purpose of the flight – about kidnapping. The court is also currently preparing the verdict in writing.

At the beginning of the month, the portal provided a description of what the Vietnamese had to say. According to the statement, he had to be dazed at Bratislava airport last July. On both sides, a Vietnamese secret service had to hold on to look like a drunken member of the Vietnamese delegation. The government sent it specifically to Russia.

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