Vyskočil z Karolíny († 13)

The rescuers were summoned on Monday afternoon to the river in the south of Central Slovakia, where Karolín was withdrawn from the water after bathing a group of children († 13). The savior was unfortunately unable to revive the little girl.

The Slaná river in the cadastral area of ​​the village of Včelince (Rimavská Sobota district) was bathed by a group of children on Monday afternoon. Around the 16th hour they called the rescuers – land and air – to help a girl who drowned in the river and managed to get him to the bank. Karolínka († 13) unfortunately did not recover despite the long-term intensive recovery.

The police began criminal proceedings for massacres – said the spokesperson Mária Faltániová, spokeswoman for the Banská Bystrica County Police.

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