WAIT NOW An unexpected exchange at the Ministry of Justice! Bugar's secretary ends

Kolíková left the department five months after the departure of Minister Lucie Žitňanská (Most-Híd), with whom she worked at the ministry during the reign of Iveta Radičová. News N, who informed Kolík's departure, published his conscription. Kolíková declares in her that she remained in office after she left Žitňanská to complete the audit project of the judiciary.

"However, the different views we have about the ministry's leadership, but also the content of the Ministry of Justice, are so fundamental that we can not continue our functional cooperation" writes in the letter Kolíková, according to which it has proved its recent expression on the social situation and the election of constitutional judges.

Edita Pfundtner

Edita Pfundtner

Source: TASR / Martin Baumann

That is what the new minister thought was a confrontation. "In my opinion, I consider my expression as the exercise of freedom of speech within the limits in which I have respected the fact that I am the State Secretary." In such a situation where different views on certain things and the inconsistency of values ​​produce such reactions, I can no longer fulfill my duties " the state secretary adds.

The ministry accepts and respects the request of Maria Kolíková to be released from the position of the secretary of state of the ministry, said the spokeswoman for the ministry, Zuzana Drobová. "The demonstrations on the road from the Ministry of Ms Kolík and the Minister of the Minister of Gaul have been disputed, and this inconsistency could in future be a hindrance to the execution of the Ministry's tasks in carrying out the program declaration. from the government. " says the ministry's opinion.

At the same time, the ministry announced that Gál will propose a replacement on the Kolík site on Wednesday (22 August). The decision of former minister Zitnansky of Kolík understands it. "First of all, it is important to thank him for the robot he has used for the projects of effective justice, because he really deserves it, and there are few people who are so willing to work for the good." said the Exminister.

The decision is also respected by Bugar himself

The president Mosta-Hid Béla Bugár also respects the decision. "He also respects the right of the Minister to propose to the Secretary of State a person whom he will trust and with whom he will be able to cooperate without problems and to carry out the duties of the ministry laid down in the government program statement" said Mosta-Hid spokeswoman Klára Debnár.

Pfundtner confirmed that Prime Minister Mosta-Hid Béla Bugar and Minister Gál have addressed the offer. "I regard it as a sign of confidence to my person, who knows me, that I am not afraid of work or responsibility," she said that if her government showed her confidence on Wednesday, she would be appointed Secretary of State. Parliament should replace István Vavrek in Parliament.

"On the other hand, I have to say that I absolutely understand Mrs. Kolík, because in a situation we can observe through the murder of Jana Kuciak, it is difficult to fight in the country for a better justice, so if not in one being golf with the minister, I understand it absolutely " added Žitňanská. Today, the deputy of the National Council of the Slovak Republic did not want to comment on who should replace Kolík. "I do not think it would be appropriate to evaluate the successors of the state secretaries from the position of the former minister" she explained.

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