We are forests. The state-owned company is campaigning campaigners for 1.6 million

According to SR forests, however, they do not respond to other campaign activities.

"None of us invented that, not even yesterday, less than a year ago, our fathers, our dad's fathers, buried it in us, and we're going to overwhelm any other generation, and that's why, while we're here, there'll be forests too. Because our lives grow with them, "says the opening of a new campaign from the state enterprise Lesy SR" Forests we are ".

On Monday, N, referring to data from 11 contracts published in the Central Register of Campaign-related Conventions, reported that the state-owned company would put more than 1.6 million euros into the campaign, which amounts to more than a fifth of its annual profits.

View the campaign forests that we are:

Lesníci vs. nature conservationists

Aktuality.sk contacted Lesy SR with a request for a response. The State Enterprise replied that it would send the answers during the course of the day. We will then update the message.

Security activists launched the We Are Forest campaign last year. They are convinced that a million trees have to be spent at 1.6 million euros and the government sees it as an anti-campaign.

"No one has the right to rule and destroy the natural wealth for their personal gain," says We Are Forest.

"Our children"

"Who knows the forest better than the ones who really live there?" Each tree has its unique story that we helped to write ourselves: these are our children who grow up every day, "the state-owned company says in its own manifesto.

SR forests add: "We give them life by working hard, not by strong speech, we care about our own hands, not about wisdom, we know it's not enough to just stop, enjoy what's beautiful and to cover our hands over what is not. "

"The forest does not protect the cup or the mobile phone, he wants to roll out his sleeves, forget the brains and exchange the hunger for patience.You have to dedicate your life to forests, not just a few rows in the image," they are occupied with mountain lovers. They have decided to point out that the ban on harvesting wood and the ban on building and hunting of wild animals in strictly protected areas is prohibited.

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