We submit a proposal for the right of a citizen to an official mistake

Bratislava, 24 August (TASR) – Prime Minister Miroslav Beblavý, the non-parliamentary party of the public democrats, presented a proposal that introduced the right of the citizen to make an official mistake, with French President Emmanuel Macron on 10 August.

He announced that he would present the proposal to Parliament on Friday and introduce him to a democratic parliamentary club.

They worked for four months and consulted with legislators. "If a Slovak citizen makes a mistake in a paper mill against an office for five years, he must have the right not to impose a fine on him, but he has a warning and the possibility to do so. he gets the fine, we're not a memory loss, it's a second chance, " he explained. The proposal is the top of anti-bureaucratic legislation. Government revenues from fines are estimated at several tens of millions of euros.

The right to errors must relate to the offices that work according to the legal rules, the financial administration, the social insurance company and the health insurance companies. He added that the Office should register such errors.

This right should not apply to serious offenses or to the rights of another person, namely the filing of a tax return, the VAT registration of a company, since these are very well-known obligations.

Called. a paper error should not be the filing of the document, the non-completion of the form or any other act of an editorial, registration or reporting nature. For example, Beblavý has not reported the killer or has issued an invalid passport. Other errors may include failure to report minor changes to the building, failure to send monthly tax returns to the tax office, misplaced work visits and more.

The tax expert and business environment of the Jaroslav Lukowicov party explained to TASR that they were based on the administrative code, the tax code, the social security law and the health insurance law.

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