Weather in Bystrici: premiere of the months marked by pleasant summer temperatures, but also fog or storm (Photo: S. Telúch), SHMU modules, 2018/08/26

Weather in Bystrici: premiere of the months in the sign of pleasant summer temperatures, but also the fog or storm

The change from the hot flight brought the conclusion of last week. More than 30 degrees Celsius this year in Banská Bystrica probably will not be the temperature, although some beautiful summer days are still at the beginning of August and September.

Last summer lightning fell back in Slovakia. The storm also manifested itself above Banská Bystrica. Photograph by Samuel Telúch

Monday (27.8.) will be half blazing in Banská Bystrica, we expect a clear sky at night. The temperatures will vary between the early 14th and the afternoon 22 degrees.

Tuesday (28.8.) brings with it a predominantly clear sky. The highest daily air temperature rises slightly to 24 degrees compared to Monday. The morning air temperature will be in the range of 11 to 15 degrees Celsius. The light wind is blowing during the day.

Wednesday (29.8.) it will be partly cloudy, later sunny. Air temperatures vary from the early 14th to the afternoon 24 degrees Celsius.

Thursday (30.8.) it will initially bring the almost clear sky, but gradually the cloudy sky will prevail. Air temperature during the day may not exceed 26 degrees Celsius.

Friday (31.8.) is to bring lots of clouds. In the afternoon and afternoon it is assumed that rain showers and storms can take place. All this at temperatures from the beginning of the 18th to the afternoon 25 degrees Celsius.

Saturday (1.9.) it will probably not be ideal to fly to Sliač. It will be cloudy with the threatening fog, especially from & # 39; m & nto; in the evening. The highest daily air temperature will be around 23 degrees Celsius.

Sunday (2.9.) will be more favorable for airline passengers. It will be partially cloudy, without precipitation, or only with a lower risk of rain in the evening. Air temperatures are 23 degrees from the early 18th to the afternoon.

And since the city looks like it right now, our webcams Banska Bystrica are coming close to you.

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