What did the police do to the tortured female owner?

All of Slovakia was shocked Monday by the women they had buried under the bridge in the village of Sokoľany (Košice-Okolie district). How does the research continue?

The stories of the females and her photos are published on the Facebook profile of the UVP Košice Cloak. After the phone call they went under the bridge where they had a terrible look. woman The German Shepherd bound both the legs and the bell by wire to the bones. The veterinarian was expected to be rescued for at least 3-4 days. The animals were taken to a veterinarian where they were hospitalized, treated and administered. The staff of the shelter called her Elizabeth.

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The hard case was immediately caused by the police, which set up a search for witnesses. "Researchers and other cops are working hard on the case. They are currently focused on obtaining important evidence and testimonies that clearly indicate to someone who could do something, "they wrote Thursday on Facebook.

The Noviny.sk portal reported that the police found the female owner in the Roma settlement on Wednesday. After hearing him, however, they released him a day later.

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