Why is Nishit finally behind the bars?

Nishit T., who used a knife in the center of Bratislava against the 37-year-old Branislav Branislav, stayed in custody halfway through the autumn.

The regional court (KS) in Bratislava on Monday approved a complaint from the regional prosecutor's office of Bratislava, which appealed against the decision of the court (OS) Bratislava I. This was reported by the spokesman KS Pavol Adamčiak. On 27 July, the Court of First Instance granted the Slovakian request from India and decided to release him, replacing the link with probation and mediation. KS Bratislava has canceled this resolution.

"The reason for the decision of the court of appeal is the fact that it is he disagreed with the court's view that there are extraordinary circumstances that are a prerequisite for replacing the link in a particularly serious crime; Adamchiak explained. The Senate OS Bratislava I found that the facts that emerged during the main session in June 2018 justify the defendant's release with measures to secure his participation in the next main hearing and to minimize the risk of his escape.

Three young people in the vicinity of the incident were testified before the Senate Court in June. He also condemned the employee of one of the companies in Bratislava, to whom the accused had to admit that he had pulled the knife after he had invaded unknown men who had verbally hurt his origins. Nishit T. then claimed that he was innocent and acted in self-defense. A taxi ride took place during the Friday night last fall in the center of Bratislava. The Slovaks, who came from India, used a knife against the 37-year-old Bratislava, who suffered as a result of cuts. He is accused of murder and damage to health. The judgment in first instance may fall at the next session on 3 October.

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