Will brown industrial parks also be used in Slovakia? Investors say they are interested

Investors in Slovakia are also interested in starting their projects in so-called brownfields, long-term unused or neglected areas. They can be former technical halls or warehouses. For TASR, head of the industrial real estate division of CBRE consultancy and real estate broker Martin Varačka:

  Will brown industrial parks also be used in Slovakia? Investors say they are interested
Photo: TASR
Description: The former glassworks camp in Utekáč is now a brown park

would move, he added. While the investor moves from a brownfield to a higher standard, but if the building is close to the factory, the logistical risk of not delivering the product to the customer decreases

Varačka also emphasized the importance of urban development in cities that the future of the current brownfields or industrial sites can change functionally. Former industrial buildings can become multifunctional or residential real estate. "If the market allows this, the lighter developers can make praise boxes or loft offices from such halls, it is up to the company to preserve the character of the place," he said.

According to the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic, brownfields can be revitalized and placed on them, which would otherwise require further ground cover and unnecessary expansion of the built-up area. The SR will include such areas in the measures for structural changes in the functioning of cities until 2030.

Between the brownfields are advised by the Department of the former industrial zone, unused and destroyed commercial and other objects and lands in urbanized area, agricultural objects or areas previously used for military purposes.

The department cooperates with the Slovak Environment Agency (SAE), which according to the SAE is working on a database of degraded, abandoned and underutilized urban ecosystems to process the database for 140 SR and to propose procedures and measures that [19659010] We wrote:

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