Will the minimum wage not rise? The tripartite was not even about his amount next year

"We have not reached an agreement and all social partners have taken their stand, and we have also tested the impact on the business environment for the first time and we have come to the conclusion that this is a compromise solution, a proposal that improves the competitiveness of entrepreneurs. does not harm, it is a manageable proposal and its impact is two-thirds for business and a third for public services and public services, " mentioned after the tripartite meeting at Richter. The minimum wage should reach approximately 85,000 employees in the coming year. "I will never agree with the regional minimum wage, the minimum wage sector is open," Richter said.

The trade union federation (KOZ) continues to insist on its proposal to raise the minimum wage to 635 euros. "We remain of the opinion that this figure represents 60% of the expected average salary for 2019. Nevertheless, we recommend that the Ministry of Labor review its proposal and propose a minimum wage of at least 10% growth compared to the current minimum wage so that this growth is foreseen: wage growth in the public sector for 2019, " KOZ added Deputy Chairman Monika Uhlerová.

According to the Association of Employers' Associations and Associations (AZZZ), the minimum wage is highly overvalued. "The average wage is growing by 3% on an annual basis, and we try to keep the minimum wage low, the scattering decreases and there is still little room for motivation and compensation for employees, wages can be paid," said chairman of the association Tomáš Malatinský.

The Employers' Association of the Republic (RUP) has proposed a minimum wage of 502 EUR, while it insists on the introduction of a new mechanism whereby the minimum wage is regularly adjusted on the basis of predetermined indicators. After that, employers' representatives have called for a longer period. "We repeatedly say that a serious long-term calculation is necessary, so that we can also plan our resources and investments in the coming years" the first vice president, Mário Lelovsky, approached.

The Association of Industrial Associations (APZ) has proposed an increase in inflation per week, 1.3%. "For us the predictability of the business environment is important to us. We would like to reach a consensus in the future that the minimum wage would be determined on the basis of a number of precise indicators agreed by the social partners, and not just by the Ministry of Labor. it was the last three years, " the president of APZ Alexei Beljavev added. The Association of Cities and Villages of Slovakia (ZMOS) has adopted the suggestion of the Ministry of Work.

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