Great Celestial Theater: Landing on Mars is broadcast live today!

The InSight is now starting to prepare for the landing on Mars. The journey to this iconic planet lasted a month. This is the first landing on Mars in the direction of NASA since 2012. The demanding landing has been given the right sign: seven minutes of horror. The show starts at 20:00, the probe is about to hit Mars around 20:47.

InSight is a seal positioning module designed to explore the interior of Mars. InSight exported the ULA Atlas V rocket on May 5, 2018. The landing module was manufactured by Lockheed Martin Space Systems, originally scheduled for mission in March 2016. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which manages this mission, has a budget of $ 425 million rocket transport ).

Live streaming can be viewed on JPLraw Live Stream:

For example on Facebook or on Cramp current.

How the landing proceeds is explained in this video with Czech subtitles:

Today, cosmopolitan fans around the world will meet at special events where they will observe this space choice. In the US it will be in places like Times Square, American Natural Science Museum, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Space Center Houston, or LA Science Center in California.


Although the probe is 500 million kilometers behind us, this is the most difficult phase of this evening, the landing. The probe speed is in an initial phase of 21,000 kilometers per hour, it will gradually reduce it to 1,600 kilometers per hour. At 16 kilometers from Mars, InSight removes the shield and opens the parachute. Just above the surface, approximately 1,600 meters, the probe starts the engines to reduce the speed, so that it has a speed of 8 km / h when landing. In addition, it must penetrate into the atmosphere of Mars at an angle of 12 degrees with a tolerance of ± 0.25 degrees. If it fell into a larger angle, it would burn off in the atmosphere, if it became smaller, it would bounce back into space.

The very demanding process will be carried out automatically, NASA will not be able to intervene in the event of a crisis. Everything will be in charge of an on-board computer that leaves no room for errors. Therefore, there is an accurately planned landing duration that can not be changed. Scientists have learned from the good knowledge of Mars they have gained in observing the planet and information from different sensors and sensors.

seeNASA has chosen the landing site of the Mars 2020

As we mentioned earlier, it will be the first landing on Mars since 2012 when the Curiosity Rover arrived there. According to NASA, up to 40 percent of the missions to Mars failed, of only 11 in the 11 missions.

Today, a two-year mission will be launched, in which InSight will explore the interior of Mars. InSight is followed by two miniature spacecraft called Mars Cube One (MARCO). They receive data from the module and then send them to the earth.

Finding the InSight module helps us to better understand what is beneath the surface of Mars, for example what the thickness of its bark is. The data it returns can help explain how rock formations and their natural satellites – including those of ourselves on Earth – are created.


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