According to astronomers, the mighty asteroid Apophis could hit Earth in 2068

Astronomers have discovered that a large asteroid called Apophis could fly extremely close to Earth in 2068, or it could be hit by a phenomenon called the Jarkovsky Effect. This is a change in the trajectory of a small natural body moving through the solar system due to the delayed emission of photons from the body’s surface on the night side after the day side surface was heated by the sun.

The force acting as a result of dissimilar thermal radiation is especially important for the asteroid Apophis, as it affects the likelihood of hitting Earth in 2068, astronomers said. Before discovering Yarkov’s gear on Apophis, scientists believed its impact on Earth in 2068 was impossible. Apophis is notable for approaching Earth at an extremely close distance on April 13, 2029.

Then this 300-meter asteroid will be visible to the naked eye as it travels through a belt of communications satellites in orbit. As it turns out, the asteroid is about 170 meters from a pure gravitational orbit, which is enough to include a scenario of its impact in 2068. Further observations are currently underway to fine-tune the amplitude of the Yarkov effect and its effect on the track. orbit of the asteroid.



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