“Bratislava” mini-electric cars will see early successors

Relatively surprisingly unofficial news about small electric cars from the Volkswagen group comes from the Czech Republic. It seemed that the “Bratislava” trio, resp. their platform has already figured it out. Electric city cars, however, will receive early “successors” under the Audi and Seat brands.

The Volkswagen e-up trio, the Škoda Citigoe iV and the Seat Mii Electric, which are produced by the VW group in Bratislava, have enjoyed excellent customer support. VW and Škoda versions were sold in Slovakia. However, it is currently not possible to order these from us.

In the case of the Škoda Citigoe IV, it is confirmed that it is “sold out” across Europe. The iDnes portal informs in this matter that the last pieces, which were ordered in September this year, are already “finished”. Then the production of the model must be stopped.

Skoda chief Thomas Schäfer recently said that the Citigoe iV is undoubtedly a good car, but “economically unviable” in the long run. There is said to be a lack of batteries behind the rapid fall in sales.

An emergency solution for Audi and Seat?

Currently based on a report from Today it seems that batteries for small electric cars based on the NSF (New Small Family) platform, used by the aforementioned concern triplets, can still be found over time. The information comes from suppliers of the VW Group and says the three will get “followers” in the form of small electric cars from the Audi and Seat brands.

These electric cars should essentially be a stopgap solution, with mostly EU emissions standards behind them. The Volkswagen group is probably convinced that the e-up and Citigoe iV models are no longer needed within the VW and Škoda brands, as they can rely on the VW ID.3 / 4 and Škoda Enyaq iV models as part of their emissions policy.

These reports may also suggest that Audi and Seat could have a problem with average CO2 emissions, negatively affecting the group’s overall emissions. The Audi e-tron large electric SUV is doing quite well in its segment, but it’s not a bloodbath. Other 4-ring electric cars are on the way, but they may come on the market later than necessary.

So far, Seat has only introduced electrical concepts / prototypes, with plug-in hybrids appearing to be the preferred choice within the Spanish brand, including the “sub-brand” Cupra. Seat’s first electric car will be a model based on the VW ID.3, which will be marketed under the name Cupra El-Born. It will go on sale next year. However, the model is still relatively quiet.

We wonder how this unofficial and unconfirmed information will evolve. Theoretically, a small electric chair wouldn’t have to be any different from the Mii Electric model, it would only extend its existence. In the case of Audi, a car of this class would be of great importance. We could probably expect something like the new electric Fiat 500, which the manufacturer claims is premium, as evidenced by the price tag.

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