Cinemax cinemas will open on December 10: These expected titles can also be found in the program

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05.12.2020News in cinemas The Cinemax cinemas will welcome their audience again from Thursday 10 December. In accordance with all security measures, the largest network of cinemas has decided to open all activities throughout Slovakia. The program offers several expected titles. PR manager Peter Gašparík inquired about it.

“Data from Slovakia and abroad prove that cinemas have never become an outbreak since the start of the pandemic and, subject to basic measures, provide a safe space to spend free time,” he noted that upon entering each of the Cinemax cinemas, visitors will find contactless disinfectant dispensers, distance information will be waiting for them on the ground, and cinema workers will be protected by gloves and plastic shields.

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“The capacity of the cinema will be limited to 50% and the ventilation in each of them will continue to operate on the principle of outside air circulation – the air from the interior will be vented out and fresh outside air will flow in instead.” Consumption of refreshments in the cinema will be prohibited and the correct wearing of the cloth will remain mandatory.

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Some interesting news awaits film fans until Christmas. Immediately after the opening, the cinemas, for example, offer the German comedy Nightlife with the popular actor Elyas M’Barek. Action movie fans will be delighted with Liam Neeson’s current thriller called For a Pack of Dust.

A week before Christmas, one of the most popular superheroes in comic books and the movie screen returns to the cinema. Wonder Woman 1984 is a continuation of the hit 2017 blockbuster movie, this time Amazon Princess Diana, played by Gal Gadot, will save the world in the colorful 80s of the last century.

The children’s audience can look forward to the animated film 100% Wolf. At Christmas, viewers can also look forward to the Czech comedy Mothers of Four Wives, which experience the joys and concerns of different stages of motherhood, or the movie Soul, the latest film produced by the animation studio Pixar.

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