Coronavirus in Slovakia: What do closed schools and children really do?

The young people miss a school team.

Frustration, lack of motivation and helplessness. Months of closed schools and limited access to mainstream quality education can leave a lifelong mark on a generation of young people.

The negative impact of distance learning is also noticeable for Slovak children. Not only do they fail to learn as a school during distance learning, their psyche in particular suffers.

According to experts, they should know when to return to the school staff.

“They urgently need to go back to school and the normal way they work, otherwise there is a risk of serious mental illness, such as depression,” explains psychologist Marek Madro, director of the Internet counseling center for young people IPčko.

They urgently need to go back to school

Isolation of the school staff affects the psyche of students. In particular, they lack building and maintaining good relationships in the team.

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“This can result in grief and even depressive states that the teacher cannot identify through video conference lessons and can intervene immediately. This problem multiplies when children are not in contact with the teacher, even through video lessons,” said Petra Fridrichová, department head. didactics of educational areas in the State Pedagogical Institute.

During this period, young people are increasingly calling on professional help.

Their feelings are mainly due to the fact that they are cut off from social contacts and relationships with friends at school and beyond, Madro says.

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