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Dear gentlemen, politicians discuss titles and live here!

After the direct transfer of Danko today, he blames the gross misconduct my baby had heard, because she did not sleep during the day, and of course she was not deaf when she was in a room with us, I have a lot of it.

Besides – the honorable master, the man of your position, the rank and the fair title, must define the rules – first, decency, second ethics and the third law on the protection of minors – that the name of the film does not justifies. .va and my baby do not know what Ku.vahošigutentag means.

Since my husband goes to a political political carousel every Sunday, I do not want to hear you regularly. As the right, always overworked mother of two children, I stop capturing every fifth case. I am just one of the people and I know it will not change anything, but when you shake two or three at the same time, I can also use my right to opinion and at least let us know that we are not as crazy as you think of us. And maybe some people add to it and become heavier.

You can not really listen to what you are dealing with – you politicians who have our lives in our hands – argue about beans, titles and often nonsensical fools, withdraw cases to hide your thieves, and yet here – on our beautiful Slovakia slowly, but certainly can not live anymore. Everyone, even the opposition, all in one, you should break where you remain silent, ideally somewhere where you will answer, at least in the neighborhood, until we see you (I wonder where is, for example, Kaliňák or Počiatek? ?).

There are a few cases on each side, coalitions and opposition politicians throw dirt on themselves. It is important that the master has probably deceived it and it is important that the dishonest practices of the business chains and the clear plan are what will and will not be more expensive, what matters now, but do you know what is more important?

The real life that has become more difficult, unbearable in our country, among the refugees of your decisions in recent years, is just like a slave society.

We obediently give even little about what we earn, but it seems that at any moment it seems as if there is still little in the coffin, so you'll take us even bigger a piece of cake from the payslip and we'll add and add when we make it and we die very quickly. That is ridiculous? I believe you do not understand – you do not have to worry (or even serious problems that you have solved in the plenary) and a few hours of screaming in the national council does not even coincide with an 8 or 12 hour shuffle somewhere behind the belt, the box office, the office or somewhere on the service.

And if we do not lose it, we end up with the long street, and when we get it and do not, we end up in prison – no, no fear, you do not know it either, because you do not – even if you do not do it and if you do not lose it, or notice a service or any subsidy, or damage that you already have.

But let's talk seriously, although as a mother I'm probably not the right partner to talk with an important jargon and the right word choice, but I can tell from the bridge to the prosta.

There are 3 things that Slovakia should have finally solvedbecause when it comes to breaking the bread, reality is often so unbearable.

1. Young families

However, they are the future, the birth rate has dropped by more than half, and while you pick up nicely from the enemy, the next one has no more money to pay. We parents would have more children, but how? You stick to the mother tongue, but the baby is in charge for 18 years, not just the first year and their three years. You have introduced the father of a mother enormously and now they reject her.

And last week you decided to have a compulsory school for children under 5, but what can help us? Which younger children? We can not go to work because we do not have a place to give children. What about arranging childcare to take children from 3 years until the end of parenthood? To make money, but who uses you if you have a child next to you? I do not know, there is a normal chance – ŽIŤ Z AIR, or love?

The same free lunch, that's what a hell!

Do you contribute a ridiculous amount to the baby – how much 20 – 30 euros? But with that you know well that the parent will pay much more for the child – only in September two children from our household were in charge of 320 euros with clothing, equipment and school supplies. Because it is so – there at the ZRPŠ, there on such a book, there must have a fee, slippers, gymnast training socks only "hentake", the tools need exactly that. And we have a few months of permanent notes in the student's book about how many euros should be spent.

Especially that the holidays have a child every minute, the teachers let go of the day, when our parents get a kind of vacation, or the OČR-ky, or in some way we pay, how about the fact that our arms are again have repaid something.

The birth supplement also pays only 3 children, admissions up to 18 years are in a ridiculous amount, unfortunately, if the mother is free, a trader, or unemployed.

There is a lot like young families diving, but you know very well why the birth rate in Slovakia is declining today – keep it up, guess the titles, it will help us!

2. Health

If we die before we can, there will no longer be anyone who squeezes the euro, the debt, into the state pocket.

All politicians should go to a Slovak hospital for a week, where our children die, both young and old, in disastrous conditionsnurses and doctors are overburdened, those who try to do and cure honestly do not have the necessary equipment, the diagnostic devices. If you need acute help, pray that it is a free device, ambulance, bed or operating room, or if you have something serious, or else have cancer, in Slovak reality you will often find it in the final phase – because – until get your advice That's true, and if you already have it, wait for your approval of the necessary surgery and follow-up treatment (did you know that cancer is not an acute case and how much does the operation and treatment of the insurance company cost a week or two?

By the time you have cancer in the LEN body, you wait for the fact that every day of early treatment can help …

If you are lucky, if you live, or if your problem is not so serious, you can simply "enjoy" the jewel in the dusty room, with mold on the wall, sometimes without hot water or no water at all (yes, for example In such a ward oncology patients drank no water at all, which meant that the patients vomited there after chemotherapy, it was bad and they had not even washed their hands, their mouth was rinsed).

Children's departments are overwhelmed by mothers and children, one to two toilets per unitfor a shower the mother would prefer to forget it in her hospital, because she is happy when she is not with her baby at all and when she has a bed – because the truth is that many are the ones who simply put the mattresses under the bed. We hate to lose the food …

But this is not what our politicians do not know, because in their caseand in the case of their neighbor, all hospitals in the hospital, everyone is alert and if it is already bad, the doctor will treat the expensive treatment abroad, why? Because it is more comfortable in hospitals. We just agree, you know, we do not have the same meter here for everyone. So get the new case out, it will help us …

3. Old people

When I speak today about unfair business practices, and how you can give business chains money instead of culture in state fairs and not marketing agencies (do you give some of your culture, no limousines and fighters!), I did not know how to laugh or cry.

Unfair practices are most strongly influenced by pensioners – old people who have contributed to the current state budget (which you still need) in recent years and who live on the brink of poverty, often leave, work hard to get a pension little better to live, and when it comes to the worst, she dies at the bed in the derelict rooms of Slovak hospitals …

The last years here, unfortunately, thanks to them, we have the government of one party, and the other is not right, because the elderly who, as we once did, find more trust and easy the fraudsters. A it does not matter whether they are shocking people who can transfer them to the last money they pour out for their pleasure under their pillow or sock, or to politicians who promise higher pensions and a better life. What does not come, and many who have chosen, will not be better tomorrow.

And I still think of everything, but I do not have time, it's Monday morning, you have to do the job, get things done, try to sleep well and take the energy in the weekly roundabout, which results in a big part in you benefit …

With kind regards, Alice, the mother of two children …

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