Even Mirg is no longer afraid of nudity, but not everyone praised her: the reactions of familiar faces were surprised

Nudity seems to be increasingly common on social networks. The singer Dominika Mirgová has already decided to reveal her body in all its beauty. What were the reactions? They may surprise you.

Obviously, Dominika loves her new self, so she likes to show off her sexy figure and beautiful feminine curves. Well why not?

The answer to the question of whether he wants a second child

Dominika decided to add a photo to the profile with a new addition to the family, but none. A black and white nude photo in the studio surprised many. However, Dominika chose an interesting way to share the news with the world that she won’t have another child, because she already has another one – a new dog.

‘People keep asking me about my second child – so here it is. Thank you, I’m not asking for more. At least he is at home in these troubled times a hill full of fun. Nice week
The photographer captured a beautiful moment (and perfectly touched up her underwear). “

According to her it was not a photo of naked portraits. Perhaps she wanted to avoid unnecessary speculation. In any case, the photo amused and pleasantly surprised many. Many acquaintances face her comments written under the photo.

Kristína Tormnová conceived it with humor and even with a hashtag: “ajajaj! get your bladder cold, girl! #sommama 🤷🏼‍♀️ “

Andrea Verešová also responded: “Beautiful moment”, but also Lucia Gachulincová, who only aptly wrote: Nesk Skutečneeee “

Dara Rolins, who does not shy away from nudity, also joined the commentators. Recently she put a spicy photo from the studio of the leading photographer Lukáš Kimlička on her profile. In the photo, Dare could see sexy curves and a perfect body.

Dara gets used to adding photos on Instagram that are sexy and quite revealed. He’s been working on his body all his life, so why not brag about it, right?

Dominika was last shocked by her nudity earlier this year when she added a revealed photo of her covering her body only with a guitar. It sparked quite a few media scandals and took on quite a critical stance on the recording as well. However, she told everyone that it was her life and that she could do whatever she wanted and add whatever she liked to her profile.

Model Karolína Chomisteková isn’t afraid of daring photos either, she has something to brag about too. He has a perfect figure. It is not common for her to add too many disclosed photos if they are not photos in a bathing suit.

However, there are also a few more powerful photos. Shot on the bed in underwear without a bra and with boots, where it looks very seductive.

Boris Kolár’s daughter is very happy to provoke. Alexandra Horňáková’s Instagram is full of bold photos, some of which are shocking. Of course she also enjoys her perfect feminine curves and loves to present them to her fans. She added a few photos – in the bathtub, opposite the mirror, but also completely naked on the bed.

We are used to the naked body of Andrea Verešová. She makes a living as a model and her body serves as a means of making money. You will find many revealed images on the profile. Among them is a photo of the boat, where he covers his body only with a hat.

Even Pala Haber’s wife, Daniela Peštová, is no exception and has no problem with nudity. Even though she is 50 years old, she still has a body worthy of a goddess. She bragged about the photo in her panties where she covers her bust with her hand and reads the magazine quietly. Daniela knows how to provoke her admirers.

One of the brave ones is Nela Slováková, who often shows off her background and neckline. The last holiday video she added shocked many. It looked like a trailer for a banned movie.

She certainly agrees, because she too started her career at the Paradise Hotel with several million naked people. No dispute against taste.

And what you? What do you think about nudity on social networks?

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