Extraliga types: HC Slovan Bratislava – HC Košice 4: 1

22.11.2020 18:39

The hockey players of HC Slovan Bratislava defeated the 4: 1 Tipos extra league in the game of HC Košice on Sunday. The home team decided their triumph in the third period, which they also won thanks to two goals from defender Cameron Lee 3: 1. Slovan also won the second derby this season with Košice. He confirmed the improved form, winning the third league game in a row and a total of eighth out of nine.

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Tipos Extraliga – 16.colo:

HC Slovan Bratislava – HC Kosice 4: 1 (0: 0, 1: 0, 3: 1)

Goals: 35. Gašpar (Sersen, O’Donnell), 50. Lee (Ranford), 53. Lee (Kytnár, Studenič), 53. O’Donnell (Maier, Harris) – 56. B. Mráz (Krasničan, Cibák).

They made decisions: Šefčík, Müllner – Hercog, D. Konc ml., exclusion: 3: 5 for 2 minutes, in addition Pospíšil (Košice) 10 minutes before hitting the guardrail, power cords andweakening: 0: 0.


HC Slovan Bratislava: Durný – Ališauskas, Sersen, Štajnoch, Bačik, Valach, Lee, Beňo, Maier – Studenič, Kytnár, Ranford – O’Donnell, Harris, Gašpar – Jendek, Urbánek, Zigo – S. Petráš, Bortňák, Kundrík

HC Košice. Krasnican – Elias

The home team was a bit more active at the beginning, in the 4th minute Slovan’s fourth attack created the barrier in front of the Košice goal, the puck on its way to the goal after Bortňák arrived at the last minute from the front of the Frič line . The “Belas” then played a power play of 5 against 3 for 26 seconds, but did not take advantage of this great advantage. The Košice team had a hard time moving forward, their combinations were even and Durný in the first third usually only got long shots. Sedláček, on the other hand, had to be careful, he exhaled in the 17th minute, when the only Harris, after Gašpar’s pass, was unable to finish close to the open goal.

In the second act, defensive hockey continued with minimal chances. Slovan had the highest shot, in the 32nd minute Harris escaped in his own weakening, but did not hit the target in the raid. Three minutes later, Kytnár and Pospíšil took care of the skirmish, both traveling to the penalty box. In the following 4 out of 4 game, the home team carried out a successful combination action along the O’Donnell – Sersen axis, aiming right at the Gašpar post and opening the score.

In the third period the guests tried to equalize, but Slovan still formed the defense against them, led by the attentive goalkeeper Durný. In the 49th minute he caught Klhůfek, who twice failed to send a puck behind his back. The home team hit the goal for the second time in the 50th minute, when defender Lee stabbed his opponent with a move and gave Sedláček no chance – 2: 0. Slovan got into lauf and the opponent couldn’t stop his attacks. Lee raised to 3-0 in the 53rd minute and 13 seconds later O’Donnell added a fourth goal by cleverly placing the knife on Harris’s waist. Košice’s substitute reacted with a pause to the unfavorable development. The guests eventually came to life, but could only narrow it down thanks to Mráz, the goal had to be taken by the video referee.

Voting after the match:

Roman Stantien, Slovan coach: “We had a great start, we created an opportunity, but the opponent was kept in the game by goalkeeper Sedláček until the third period. We broke it. Gašpar’s beautiful goal proved to be important after Sersen’s pass in game 4 to 4. The Košice team then threatened to break, but we were already guarding it in the back, thanks to goalkeeper Durny, who grabbed a few chances. In the third period we added three goals, Cam Lee scored twice after a nice individual action and it was definitely. “

Jan Šťastný, coach Košice: “We knew that if we wanted to think about points, we had to withstand the initial pressure from Slovan. He used to have great starts. We stuck to this goal, the opponent worked out a few chances, but Sedláček caught them in the middle of the game. However, we forgot to defend and the opponent took advantage of it. In the third period we wanted to score a goal, unfortunately we did not take advantage of the few chances we created. We made a fatal mistake on the second collected goal, the opponent penalized it We are so vulnerable that when he gets two goals, we can’t do anything about it, in the end we just adjust the result cosmetically, we can’t, we need a good striker, maybe a Canadian, the Slav decided today. with experience and rightly won.

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