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Finland – Sweden (Ice Hockey World Championship 2019)

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We know the full four of the countries that will play in the semi-final. Russia and Canada were completed by the Czech Republic and Finland in the evenings. The semi-finals are on Wednesday.

Sweden won 3: 1 and 4: 3 before the end of the third period. But then came the Antilles, but especially Manninen, who sent the Finns to fight for the medals after a 97-second extension of the gallows. Suomi moves to Bratislava, while the Swedes travel home.

The three best Swedish players at the tournament:

Oliver Ekman-Larsson.
Patric Hörnqvist.
William Nylander.

Top Meeting Players:

Erik Gustafsson (Sweden).
Sakari Manninen (Finland).


Finland has scored a goal!
Adrian Kempe did not balance his attack, fell behind the gate, Finland went to the break. The three-on-two renumbering led SAKARI MANNINEN, who mocked the end and did well! Finish to the gallows top left, Henrik Lundqvist without a response!

Assisted: Kevin Lankinen.


Elias Pettersson tests it tirelessly from the ashes of the glider, his tug shot passes the left joystick.


The Finnish defender also wrapped himself around the sanctuary of the opponent, but he could not even shoot or pass the backhand.


Mikko Lehtonen takes the first expansion action from behind his own gate.


An extension has started.

The second quarterfinal match will also bring us an extension. Finns equal 4: 4 thanks to Antillus 89 seconds before the end. This is followed by a 3-to-3 game of 10 minutes. In the case of a tie, even after that time, separate rounds will come.


The third period is over.


But Kaapo Kakko got his puck on his heels, the Finns must come back soon.


There is time for one promotion.


Fighting more than a quarter of a minute for a puck at the Swedish substation, viewers don't like that.


One minute until the end of the regular playing time.


Finland has scored a goal!
We are on our way to a new expansion of Kosice! Henrik Lundqvist still shoots from the left circle with the same shot, the same for the first blow, but at the end of MARK ANTTIL, the Swedish veteran of Tre kronor no longer had a chance to hit. Sweden used its option and took the so-called "Coach Challenge". The referees went through the goal and confirmed the regularity of 4: 4 within a minute!

Assistants: Niko Ojamäki, Mikko Lehtonen.


Patric Hörnqvist and his backhand in the middle segment miss the empty gate of Finland!


Kevin Lankinen is no longer on ice!


Finland is now using its time-out.


We report another glass team that wins the shortest route 125 seconds before the end.


Juho Lammikko walked past the gate to serve the cross-pass to the right post, where Joel Kiivant was. There was not much missing and Kiviranta could finish.


Sweden's forbidden release.


For the second time, Suomi fails to settle for a third in Sweden.


Oliwer Kaski misses the Tre Kronor reserve after a pass from behind the gates of the ice rink!


The game continues, although it may have been the icing on the cake of the Swedes.


Henrik Lundqvist held the puck in his arms, the last commercial break of the day.


After more than a minute of pressure, the Swedes leave their puck to leave their puck behind their own gate.


Elias Pettersson has improved the position on the pitch line and has swung the drop to the back of the board.


Loui Eriksson keeps the puck on the stick in the attack zone, assisted by Elias Lindholm and Dennis Rasmussen.


William Nylander was able to decide, but he ended in a separate attack against Lankinen!


Juho Lammikko on the floor, whistle referees are silent.


It is enough for the Swedes to disrupt Finnish attacks for the blue line and then throw them through all the lines. Even in the case of ice formation, as it was now.


Suomi was pushed out of the band very quickly, now the pace on the ice surface had cooled somewhat.


We are approaching the end, the Finns gather another third of their opponent.


And it will not be eliminated in the third. Again and again it stumbled, the striped Swedes did not send a penalty.

Ad Pause.


Loui Eriksson had problems with the gate of Lankinen against his own trio. In the meantime, his teammates could be rebuilt.


The puck ends up at a Swedish substation and returns to Lundqvista.


Petteri Lindbohm was unlucky, his shot did not fall. It was only reflected by the Swedish player, who pushed her to the board.


Henrik Lundqvist worked on the puck twice, but during the first operation he was alone and against him one of the Finns. He was really good in the space, but Lundqvist quickly corrected his slight hesitation.

Ad Pause.


Kaapo Kakko could not find an opening between the right joystick and the Lundqvista person. The position in the left circle of a young Finn from Finland was there, but a little was still missing.


And again, it protests heavily, now a thorn in the middle of the eye should be a thorn in the eye. Well, the referees remain silent.


Gabriel Landeskog and Juho Lammikko trust each other, the Finnish fans demand the exclusion of the Swedish superstar.


Elias Lindholm sent the puck directly to the concrete of Lankinen, this was not a difficult procedure.


We alternate during the match. If we refuse icing from the first minutes of a third, it is played at a brisk pace.


After the attempt at the gate, it just thundered, the puck hit the back of the board.


Finns occupy the opponent's band, but played with the board.


Toni Rajala could still check Lundqvista for the minute. Swedish goalkeeper with operation.


Atte Ohtamaa just with a bad start, something like this for the Swedes.


Gabriel Landeskog came out of nowhere and plowed for Lankinen after the fault of the Finns, but he could not shoot quickly.


Fighting hard in the corner of the ice rink, Suomi has to leave as quickly as possible. Every second is valuable.


Sakari Manninen was the first to reach the corner kick, but his header was blocked by the keeper.


The Forbidden Tre kronor.


It is not enough to devour the Swedes, but already in the second period we were convinced that it will not be easy against Finns.


After the Ekman-Larsson game, the puck only ends at the Swedish substation. Buly for Lundqvist.


The third period started.

We have another great twenty minutes and we have seen four goals during their stay. The Swedes beat 25 seconds after the start of the third, as well as before the end. Both E. Pettersson and E. Gustafsson signed up for the recording list, and the second recording had to be confirmed by the video driver. Finland scored 1: 3 after the goal, but Lindbohm – Hakanpää was the party, but it is not enough for the draw.

The third period starts at approximately 9:54 p.m.


The second third is over.


Sweden scored a goal!
So not the gate construction, but the camera was the thing that reflected ERIKA GUSTAFSSONA. An unfortunate goal of the Finnish vision before the end of the third! We must go back in time, help us in the timekeeper. The referees did not approve of this goal until after they had consulted the video judge, it was twenty seconds later than the goal. The game was then interrupted due to offside.

Assistants: Gabriel Landeskog, Alexander Wennberg.


One minute until the end of the second period.


The formation of Elias Pettersson makes dams for Lankinen, but it is nothing dangerous because it is played on the cushions.


And again Lehtonen, who was taking the speed in the defense zone, came forward and pushed himself in front of the gate, where he sent a helpless pass.


Mikko Lehtonen puts an end to the long puck of the Finns and rewinds him in an attempt from the front of the gate. Henrik Lundqvist is not twice as sure today.


Another pause in the game, one of the referees was uncomfortably hit by the puck.

Ad Pause.


A whistle at the address of the Swedes after their icing on the cake. You can hear who is superior in Kosice. At least with regard to the vocal cords.


One came in the middle zone, but in the opposite guard. Valuable souvenirs in the shape of a puck in the hall, bulls in the middle circle.


It must be said that the Swedes did not show too much in this third in the third. Their activity often ends with a gambling pass.


Kevin Lankinen reaches for the puck after a short break and throws himself to the left.


Juhani Tyrväinen thought it was just on the right, it was not going well. Sweden take Puku.


Immediately after the bull shot Niko Ojamäki was very active right next to the gate.


That was a great mix and puck that shifted from the Finns. About three players exchanged it while Suomi gradually changed. Finally the ball came to the end, Henrik Lundqvist had to walk three times.

Ad Pause.


Icing Finland, Sweden has decided to breathe.


Petteri Lindbohm came from the defender's position as an attacker, his shot hurled to the right wing by Lundqvist in the corner of the ice rink.


Veli-Matti Savinainen is the band for Suomi.


Kaapo Kakko walked around the fence and still played. But Tre Kronor dominated in the goal area.


Steel arenas move large Mexican waves just when the Finns try to attack.


Niko Ojamäki with the baseball cap from the front, the attempt to flow was successful, just ended up on the back board.


Wrong races on both sides, the last minute was not an interesting hockey game.


First it was announced by icing, bar arbitrators then canceled their original verdict. The Finns can therefore relieve.


The free offside of Finland, which took the imaginary reins of the game.


Finland has scored a goal!
Finns could get a third from the bad start, we are back in balance! JANI HAKANPÄŤ almost reached the top of the right circle, the teammate for the keeper made his robot amazing!

Energize: Sakari Manninen.


The atmosphere in the Steel Arena has led Suomi to move quickly to the left. The whole ended with a swing in the hand of Pesonena in the Lundqvista fall.


But there was nothing revolutionary about it, the puck is back on the fins.


After a long time, the Swedes also closed the enemy. Anton Lander is particularly active.


Mikko Lehtonen tried it from a position similar to Lindbohm two minutes ago when he found a teammate who folded, but ended up outside the gate.


Swedish ice formation.


But the Swedes continue to play with fire. They lost the puck for their own sanctuary after the pressure from Savinainen and Sallinen, the endhanded backhand only ends on Lundqvist.


Promotional break certainly breaks the Swedes.


Two couples have fallen to the ground in Sweden, the referees are silent and leave everything to the actors of these skirmishes.


Finland has scored a goal!
PETTERI LINDBOHM jumped on the ice and maybe fired blue after four seconds. Lundqvista was distracted by the Swedish-Finnish couple in front of the gate, resulting in a goal in the Tre-kronor.

Assistants: Sakari Manninen, Harri Pesonen.


Niko Ojamäki almost took the lead by following the pass.


Finnish fans, who are traditionally in the Steel Arena in Košice, are also reviving.


But Suomi has also shown that we must count on them. For us we still have enough time for a comeback.


Joel Kiviranta v Henrik Lundqvist. The Swedish goalkeeper kicked the concrete in time to dampen Kivirant's shot to get it under control for the second attempt.


Jani Hakanpää hesitated for a long time with his perpendicular defense, there is nothing like a promising counterattack.


Kevin Lankinen covers the puck so that you get fresh ice power.


In this third, the teams must continue to engage. This will be a major disadvantage for the Finns, who were able to push into their own zone during the final moments.


Adam Larsson tried to throw the puck from the right cushion to the right, but the flying body was not on the gate.


At this point the Finns are not good at all. They lose two goals and their opponent dominates the match.


Sweden scored a goal!
Just as the Swedes started the first part of the race badly, they start the second. After reaching the puck in the middle zone, ELIAS PETTERSSON took the lead, who got stuck in the opponent and managed to get Lankinen out of the lane.

Assistants: Gabriel Landeskog, Oliver Ekman-Larsson.


The second third started.

The great start of the Finns, when Mikkola took over from the blue, equaled Klingberg two minutes later in the powerful game. The Swedes were better after this moment, they had different options, only the random shot Hörnqvista took over, which was put into the net with the help of the opponent and the gate construction.

The second third starts at about 9:03 PM.

8:00 pm

The first third is over.


But Suomi showed nothing, they were helpless in the attack.


We are still striving for one replacement on both sides, the Finn puck.

7:00 pm

One minute until the end of the first third.


Adrian Kempe urged Mattias Ekholm to take the lead, but the Swedish defender fired only in Kevin Lankinen's real concrete in tandem after the pass!


Now the keeper of the goalkeeper will certainly cover the puck for the victorious Rajal.

Ad Pause.


Sakari Manninen could shoot in the fall and stumbling could be silent. Henrik Lundqvist stopped the Swedes.


Sweden scored a goal!
That's the field. The puck bounces against the skate of Henri Jokihari and then into the gate! William Nylander was good on the Finnish defender. At the same time, Lankinen sent & # 39; s puck PATRIC HORNQVIST.

Assistants: Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Adam Larsson.


For about twenty seconds a puck fights in the Finnish defending third, one of the Suomi players has lost his glove.


Finns lost the puck fairly easily, Elias Pettersson came from the left in the group. Kevin Lankinen sent his corner to the corner of the ice rink with his stick.


Mikko Lehtonen is now waiting with his own gate.


In addition to the aforementioned hit, the last minute did not bring much, mainly played in the middle area.


Jesper Bratt probably also regretted the idea of ​​going to the Lankinen gate, where he got a hard net hit on his opponent. He was Jani Hakanpää.


Tre kronor with icing.


We can enjoy the fact that it is really fast hockey on both sides. Sweden are better in combinations, but that was to be expected.


Alexander Wennberg did not reach Nylander's right corner for a short time.


Adam Larsson sent a shot for the goal, where Elias Pettersson made a mistake. If the goal were to fall, he would probably not pay because of the position of the player in the goal area.


A gambling pass in the third part of Finland is thrown to the left of Lankinen.

Ad Pause.


Veli-Matti Savinainen made a magnificent save by uncomfortable making the ball just past the post.


Suomi has to make a replacement after Niko Ojamäki only wants to attack.


Erik Gustafsson tried it out of blue. Sweden often try to swing it, in this case the defender in a yellow jersey with three blue crowns did not work.


Henrik Lundqvist reacts with concrete to immediately try Kakka from the right.


Joel Kiviranta won the puck in front of his own gate, advanced to the attack, where he missed the space between the three wolves after passing right.


Finland is playing in full.

8:59 AM

Tre Kronor starts the last powerful game from behind his own gate.


Oliver Ekman-Larsson and his shot simply end up on the back board.

8:09 AM

Elias Pettersson was looking for Eriksson to the gate. He found it too, it also flowed, but the puck passes the right joystick of the Lankinen Sanctuary.


The Swedes have been driven to their own third, but it is only a matter of time when they will come back in the attack.


Exclusion in the Finnish team (Sakari Manninen – 2 min., Connection).


Another announced exclusion of Suomi after a duel for the Lundqvista port.


The backhand hit of Marek Krüger came from behind the red line. These are unnecessary prohibited releases.


The Finnish end has been betrayed on the safety net.

Ad Pause.

5:26 am

Referees whistled icing, but corrected, bulls again in the middle of the ice.


Henrik Lundqvist wanted to play the puck behind the sanctuary after the red line hit the Finns, but the cuddly rubber almost bounced in front of the goal area. An experienced goalkeeper responded at noon.


The Swedes were able to attack lightly, Dennis Rasmussen would rather take the puck for his own fence.


Oliwer Kaski did not exaggerate the attack on the pillow, and when Petterson was added, the puck would end up in the middle of the ice.


The spectator did not like the intervention of the Finnish player, he will not be excluded. Follows offside of Sweden.


Niko Ojamäki folded at the end of Lehtonen, the flying body just outside the gate.


Sweden scored a goal!
This is not 15 seconds later when Nylander moved to the second circle where JOHN KLINGBERG was ready. She shot into a semi-covered gate, balanced!

Assistants: William Nylander, Alexander Wennberg.


William Nylander at the end of the power play event, the end of the right ring, managed to hit Lankinen-puck on the corner of the ice rink.


Exclusion in Finland Team (2 minutes for players' bench – too many players on ice). Punishment is served by Joel Kiviranta.


John Klingberg prepared for the answer and no shot was made. The Swedish defender slipped from the stick knife.

1 AM

Finland has scored a goal!
Suomi with great pressure in the first minute when the Swedes didn't come out of their own third. NIKO MIKKOLA misled it from the ground out of blue, Henrik Lundqvist was too short to finish, also because two teammates were in the lead.

Assistants: Harri Pesonen, Sakari Manninen.


Another forbidden release from Tre kronor.


Elias Pettersson didn't get a chance to pass the red line. From the beginning we can see the fight and the smaller fights on the ice.


The meeting has just begun.

During the Nordic derby the atmosphere in the Steel Arena will be much higher than in the first quarter final between Canada and Switzerland.

First reports:

Finland: Lankinen (Olkinuora) – Ohtamaa, Lehtonen (A), Jokiharju, Lindbohm, Kaski, Mikkola, Hakanpää, Koivisto – Ojamäki, Tyrväinen, Rajala – Kakko, Manninen, Pesonen – Kuusela, Sallinen, Savinainen (A) – Anttila ), Lammikko, Kiviranta.

Sweden: H. Lundqvist (Markström) – Ekman-Larsson (C), A. Larsson, Ekholm (A), J. Klingberg, E. Gustafsson, M. Pettersson, Hagg – W. Nylander, Wennberg, Hörnqvist (A) – Landeskog, E. Lindholm, E. Pettersson – Eriksson, Lander, A. Kempe – Rasmussen, Krüger, Bratt – Lindblom.

Judge: Roman Gofman (RUS), Brett Iverson (CAN) – Bill Hancock (US), Dmitry Sishlo (RUS).


Most productive player (general rank, name, country, points, brackets goals and help):

24. Kaapo Kakko (FIN) 7 points (6 + 1)
1. William Nylander (SWE) 17 points (5 + 12)

Top scorer (general rank, name, country, goals):

4. Kappo Kakko (FIN) 6 goals
4. Patric Hörnqvist (SWE) 6 goals

Best recorder (general rank, name, country, assistance):

20. Mikko Lehtonen (FIN) 5 assists
1. William Nylander (SWE) 12 assists

Best bull player (general rank, name, country, bullfight):

3. Arttu Ilomäki (FIN) 68.85%
1. William Nylander (SWE) 73.08%


Finland was the first to finish and play against the Swiss, but it all went wrong in the last group match. But let's go. Finns won seven points in the first three games. Suomi defeated Canada 3: 1, Slovak 4: 2, but collapsed in the US 2: 3 after the extension. There were three "lighter" encounters in which the Danes (3: 1), the British (5: 0) and the French (3: 0). But on Tuesday morning the Finns lost 2: 4 against the Germans. If Suomi gained two more points, they would come through Canada thanks to a better mutual duel.

Sweden started the group and eventually lost. The first lost against Czechs 2: 5 and 4: 7 against the Russians. There were three simple triumphs over Italy (8: 0), Norway (9: 1) and Austria (9: 1). Switzerland and Latvia have already been heavier bites. The Helvetians swept the Swedes in the Swedes and the North eventually won 4: 3. There was also one goal against Latvia, with Tre Kronor scoring three runs on Monday due to the fact that the Baltic country had to win in a regular time, a decisive goal to 5: 4 because the Swedes fell into the empty gate.

Group B table in Bratislava (country name, score, score):

1. Russia, 21, 36: 7
2. Czech Republic, 18, 39:14
3. Sweden, 15, 41:21
4. Switzerland, 12, 27:14
5. Latvia, 9:21:20
6. Norway, 6, 7:33 PM
7. Italy, 2, 5:48
8. Austria, 1, 9:40

Group A table in Košice (country name, score, score):

1. Canada, 18, 36:11
2. Finland, 16, 22:11
3. Germany, 15, 18:18
4. US, 14, 27:15
5. Slovakia, 11, 28:19
6. Denmark, 6, 18:23
7. Great Britain, 2, 9:41
8. France, 2, 14:34


Sweden has won the championship title in the last two championships and has enjoyed up to three times since 2013 and has won bronze in this period. The team will be supported by Henrik Lundqvist, Mattias Ekholm, John Klingberg, Adam Larsson, Patric Hörnqvist, Marcus Krüger, William Nylander and Elias Pettersson. During the championship the striker Landeskog joined the team.


Jhonas Enroth (Orebro HK), Jacob Markström (Vancouver Canucks / NHL), Henrik Lundqvist (NY Rangers / NHL)


Adam Larsson (Edmonton Oilers / NHL), Robert Hägg (Philadelphia Flyers / NHL), Mattias Ekholm (Nashville Predators / NHL), Marcus Pettersson (Pittsburgh Penguins / NHL), Oliver Ekman Larsson (Arizona Coyotes / NHL), Philip Holm (Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod / KHL), John Klingberg (Dallas Stars / NHL), Erik Gustafsson (Chicago Blackhawks / NHL)


Adrian Kempe (Los Angeles Kings / NHL), Marcus Krüger (Chicago Blackhawks / NHL), Elias Pettersson, Loui Eriksson (both Vancouver Canucks / NHL), Elias Lindholm (Calgary Flames / NHL), Mario Kempe (Arizona Coyotes / NHL) Oskar Lindblom (Philadelphia Flyers / NHL), Anton Lander (AK Bars Kazan), Jesper Bratt (New Jersey Devils / NHL), Dennis Rasmussen (Metallurg Magnitogorsk), Patric Hörnqvist (Pittsburgh Penguins / NHL), William Nylander (Toronto Maple) Leafs / NHL), Gabriel Landeskog (Colorado Avalanche / NHL), Alexander Wennberg (Columbus Blue Jackets / NHL)


The minimum number of NHL players, but this is the Finnish force in the team. Traditionally this Nordic country has a special feature: skating. Finns are known, they are not afraid to move, they work to the end and do not give up. It was seen as preparation when Suomi lost only two duels, even just a few goals.

The fan of Finnish fans in the Steel Arena is without a doubt Kaapo Kakko. A young attacker is waiting for a draft this year and the 18-year-old cannon can be defeated by a total of number one on which Jack Hughes of the US bids.

Finland winner for the 2019 World Cup:


Kevin Lankinen (Rockford IceHogs, USA / AHL), Veini Vehvilainen (Karpat Oulu), Jussi Olkinuora (Pelicans Lahti)


Henri Jokiharju (Chicago Blackhawks / NHL), Niko Mikkola (San Antonio Rampage, USA / AHL), Oliwer Kaski (Pelicans Lahti), Miika Koivisto (Dinamo Moscow, Rus./KHL), Mikko Lehtonen (HV 71 Jönköping, Swe.) , Petteri Lindbohm (HC Lausanne, CHE), Ante Ohtamaa, Jani Hakanpaa (both Karpat Oulu)


Juho Lammikko (Florida Panthers / NHL), Harri Pesonen (SC Langnau Tigers, CHE), Toni Rajala (HC Biel, CHE), Veli-Matti Savinainen (Red Star Kun-lun, China / KHL), Marko Anttila, Sakari Manninen ( both Jokerit Helsinki / KHL), Kaapo Kakko (TPS Turku), Kristian Kuusela, Niko Ojamäki (both Tappara Tampere), Jere Sallinen (HK Örebro, Swede), Juhani Tyrväinen (IFK Helsinki), Arttu Ilomäki (Lukko Rauma), Eetu Luostarinen (Kalpa Kuopio), Joel Kiviranta (Sport Vaasa)

Dear sports friends, I welcome you to view all the essentials of the thirteenth match day of the 83rd Ice Hockey World Championship.

The year 2019 will be a great event for Slovakia in this regard, as the World Cup takes place on our territory. The championship is held in two largest cities in Slovakia – Bratislava and Košice.

Finally we start with the knockout section. Today the tournament ends in eastern Slovakia, with the quarter-final showdowns being the last. All this ends in the Nordic derby – Finland versus Sweden.

The meeting starts at 8:15 p.m.

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