In Slovakia they launched the first Tesla Supercharger charging station of a new generation

Since yesterday, Slovakia can boast of the fourth Tesla Supercharger charging station, which is also the first station of the new generation “V3” on our territory (Košice). It offers a significantly higher payload.

The Supercharger charging network is considered one of Tesla’s great competitive advantages. Especially in regions with a large number of California-brand electric cars, to which Tesla responds by building the correct number of chargers. However, the situation in this direction is already improving in Slovakia, where the 4th charging station of this network was launched yesterday, the Slovak Tesla Club informed through its forum.

Considering the size of our republic, as well as the range and number of Tesla electric cars driving our roads (224 units as of June 30, 2020), this is not a disaster. So far it has been “covered” the west (Bratislava – OC Aupark), the center (Sielnica near Zvolen – Hotel Kaskády), the north (Demänová at Liptovský Mikuláš – Demänová Village) and from yesterday also the east (Košice – OC Optima) . The new station currently offers 4 charging stations (with a connector of the type CCS) and will be expanded with another four in the future.

However, it probably doesn’t stop there, the Slovak network will continue to expand. After Košice, Tesla Supercharger charging stations should be built in Trenčín and in the south of the Slovak Republic, possibly in Lučenec, the recent co-founder of the Slovak Tesla Club, Stanislav Kurek, said.

He suggested these could be next-generation V4 chargers. As we already mentioned, the V3 version, which Tesla introduced in March last year, is a novelty in the Slovak Republic. The first new Supercharger was launched in Europe about a year ago. It offers a power of 250 kW, which is not divided between 2 related charging stations, as in the case of the V2 version. The “V-two” delivers a maximum “split” power of 150 kW.

As part of the presentation of the Supercharger V3, Tesla stated that the Model 3 Long Range can reach a charging speed of up to 1,600 km / h (short term), resp. achieve a charging range of 121 km of 5 minutes. By modeling the data from its fleet, it calculated that the new charger will help reduce loading time by up to 50% on average.

“V4” an Urban Supercharger?

The existence of the said Supercharger “V4” has not yet been officially confirmed. Tesla’s auto division president, Jerome Guillen, however, recently hinted at 350 kW charging stations. We shall see.

And according to Stanislav Kurek, we will also see “CityChargers” in Slovakia with a power of 75 kW. These will likely be charging stations mainly known as Urban Supercharger or their updated version.

Cover illustration photo source: Jakob Härter / Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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