Košice consulted with Zilina

Joseph Baley returned to the wolves.

HC Košice – MsHK Žilina 3: 1 (0: 0, 2: 0, 1: 1)

goals: 34. Suja (Koch, Spilár), 39. Koch (Spilár, Galamboš), 53. Galamboš (Spilár) – 48. Jenčík (Ručkay J., Matejka). Decided by: Orolin T., Rencz – Gajan st., Muzsik, 3039 spectators. Exclusion: 5: 4.

HC KOŠICE: Habal – McDowell, Dudas, Cizek, Gray, Koch, Pulli, Zitny, Lendak – Hašcak, Brophey, Nagy – Netik, Suja, Kafka – Spilar, Galambos, Soltas – Hriina, Klima, Petras.

MSHK ŽILINA: Mikoláš – Kučný, Turian, Dubeň, Bagin, Pastor, Matejka, Dlugoš – Balej, Podešva, Barta – Jenčík, Surovka, Huna Ru. – Húževka, Ručkay J., Síkela – Milý, Rehák, Hrazdíra.

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The rehabilitated Maroš Mikoláš returned to the port of Žilina and in the first attack he introduced himself after a longer break caused by the injuries of Joseph Balej. Dulgoš and Turian did not miss the junior in the East Slovakia match, and Lukáš Dubeň, 22, who started the season in Považska Bystrica, came to the defense.

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The steelmen could lead, but Haščák did not succeed against Mikoláš. As soon as he could send the wolves to Huna, Habal was careful. He took the left wing from Spilar, but Mikoláš threw his shot down the left side. In the middle of the first part, Bagin Netík, but the brilliant keeper of Žilina did not stop. Within a minute Mikolos shot a good shot against the Soltas. At the end of the first third Lukáš Matejka went to the criminal bank. Shortly after hitting, he threw twice Nagy, but did not add his goal of four goals in the season. The Stelians pushed the guests into their own bands, but the excellent Mikoláš defeated the chances of Galamboš and Spilar. The dressing was so gullible.

At the beginning of the second third, the Koscians had the second chance to play when Jenčík was on the penalty box. The wolves, however, did not allow higher pressure. The players' balance on the ice shelf did not last long, when too many players on the ice shelf drifted to the middle of the first formation of the sides. In weakness he himself could go to the Huna gate, but Habal stepped out of the gate and the puck shot on the player's bench in Žilina. The wolves also actively exerted this weakening and did not allow the Kosice to shoot at Mikoláš. In the middle of the game he was slumped by Zilina Kafka's defense and served the puck on the only Nike, but the puck did not hit. Then the first game in the game was played by Žilinčany. Žilinčan managed to score a typical goal in the game, as at the time of the shot about half of the lighting of the Steel Arena was out. The referees did not recognize the goal after consulting the video. After a brief break, Habal threatened Barta's failure. She enjoyed a long silence. The shot from Koch shot Mikoláš and Suja obliquely and gave Košice the lead: 1: 0. 35 minutes we could hear, it succeeds to pass the visitors after 30 minutes on the right, but Jenčík player Koch is slower at the game and does not come into the penalty area itself. In the powerhouse he devised a nice perpendicular to Ručkaya Barth and he had to stop Cizek illegally. The guests played a powerful game with two players. But Presilovke missed a greater chance, so the score did not change. After returning from the cradle, after Spilar's admission, the puck came to Koch and hung up the gate of the Zilina gate – 2: 0.

The game at the beginning of the third third missed the pace of the previous two thirds. 44 minutes into the match, Haščák could have extended the lead with a header from the visitors' keeper. Then he pushed to the right side of Huna, he was tortured and with a painful grimace holding his left hand, he went to the alternators' room. Not at the end of the power game, after the great confusion for Habalom, the wolves do not croak. In the next match, Jenčík prepared an ideal shooting position and was reduced to one goal – 2: 1. Galamboš shot seven minutes before the end and the shot ended after Mikoláš – 3: 1. The final end of the Wolves' efforts to balance to bring the error from Baginov to Nagy less than two minutes before the end of the match. The score has not changed, leaving the Žilinci from Košíc without points.

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