Mira Žbirka is waiting for a busy year: but he only gives a few

"In addition to the health I always want and wish, I also wish that in addition to the preparation of major concerts in Prague and Bratislava, it takes some time to build new songs, and that everything that awaits me in 2019 is good, said the artist.

A favorite musician will hang out this year's work. In addition to planning live shows with famous English musicians during their concerts, their new Double Album also celebrates 40 fans on the music scene with their fans and fans. "I have to look back on what has happened in recent years, what we have recorded, what we are going to play … That is a very special moment for me, because I look ahead and chart it for 40 years. several memories that I did not have in mind a few months ago, and by going through all the albums and songs that we have done so far, I will certainly not get bored, " she said.

"It will be difficult to give it the logical form, but now I am thinking about it, and with producer Rob Cassom we are beginning to refine the details." Concerts in Prague and Bratislava also bring musicians with whom we recorded the new album. are renowned musicians who have also played with Paul McCartney, they still have a lot of activities and their showdown program is not easy, but I believe we can do it " closed Žbirka.

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