Monika Jankovská’s Big Confession: Prosecutor Simon explains why you did not come to hear him

The confession of a former member of the SMER resonated in the media and on the political scene. It is interesting to note that the supervisory prosecutor of the Special Prosecutor’s Office, Valéria Simonová, missed a fundamental turning point in the largest trial in Slovakia’s history. According to, she did not take part in Monika Jankovská’s two-day key interrogation at all.

‘I decided to testify alone and voluntarily. I want to admit what I have done and describe in detail the extent of my participation in the actions in my statement. While I have decided to testify and confess, I want to say that I cannot fully confess what I am blamed for because the actions have become different, which I will detail in my statement today. ” with these words of Monika Jankovská, a major turnaround began in the biggest court case in Slovakian history BÚRKA and VÍCHRICA.

The former secretary of state’s big confession lasted two whole days. He was heard by the investigator and the lawyers of his co-defendants. However, prosecutor Valéria Simonová, who oversees the cases, was the one who let the fundamental turn of the investigation escape. It is the same Valéria Simonova who planned to question Monika Jankovská at the special prosecutor’s office in October, but her order eventually pulled her out of questioning and another prosecutor was questioned by another prosecutor. The Deputy Chief of the Special Prosecutor’s Office then stated that such action by the designated prosecutor is highly unusual. But he could not comment on it.

According to information from, the former judge has already testified about ex-minister Peter Žig during the interrogation before the prosecutor and even filed a criminal complaint.

Monika Jankovská’s confession, however, had a special development. In August, we informed you that Monika Jankovská presented scalp to the oligarch and the ministers. A letter containing this message was written from prison by Jakovská to the head of the National Criminal Agency, Branislav Zurian, requesting a visit behind bars. However, the first meeting Zurian had planned did not take place. He was arrested by the aforementioned prosecutor Valéria Simonová, who oversees the BÚRKA case, for which Jankovská has been in custody since March 2020.

However, Branislav Zurian finally met with the former Secretary of State. They had several interviews together. During them, Monika Jankovská expressed an interest in cooperating in detecting criminal activity of which she is aware, and also offered her own confession. These meetings also included the names of former ministers and oligarchs to whom he wants to testify. He wants to exchange his statement against the powerful for a lesser sentence and release.

Did Dušan Kováčik enter the BÚRKA case?

We did not know why Valéria Simonová was questioned during the interrogation of Monika Jankovská at the special prosecutor’s office. However, in the vicinity of the prosecutor’s office, prosecutor Valéria Simonová is said to be close to Dušan Kováčik, and this is said to be why her superior removed her from Jankovská’s interrogation. In this regard, it is also said among prosecutors that, in addition to Valérie Simonová, the detained and accused special prosecutor Dušan Kováčik would participate in the interrogation of Monika Jankovská. In this regard, it may be interesting that, according to the Supreme Court resolution on detention, Kováčik has likely collected information about former head of tax criminals, Ľudovít Makó, who began cooperating with the police. It was after announced that Makó had started to testify against an influential prosecutor.

In this context, the question arises whether the then Special Prosecutor Kováčik did not influence and enter the case of the accused Monika Jankovská through Prosecutor Simonová. She announced that she wanted to testify against the influential oligarch and former ministers. In this context, the question arises whether the tightening of the fine rate for Monika Jankovská was not aimed at losing the motivation to testify. Or did the ban on NAK chief Branislav Zurian’s visit behind the prison walls not make it impossible for her to resign? And whether, after pressure from the media and the Supreme Court, which criticized the prosecution’s behavior, Kováčik was not interested in attending Jankovska’s questioning to find out what information the former judge had about the crimes of the powerful . We have sent questions related to Monika Jankovská and her breaking of the silence directly to the Special Prosecutor’s Office and to the Supervising Prosecutor Valéria Simonová.

Why did Prosecutor Valéria Simonová not participate in one of the two days of interrogation of Monika Jankovská, during which the accused became known?

The supervising public prosecutor was informed by the investigating officer about the interrogation and consulted with the investigating officer. Interrogation of the Defendant JUDr. Monika J. did not participate for health reasons as she is a high risk person in relation to Covid, due to the risk diagnosis she has. A greater number of lawyers and persons are taking part in the questioning of the suspect. For clarification, it should be noted that the prosecutor supervises compliance with legality in the preparatory procedure. The public prosecutor is authorized to exercise this supervision inter alia, to participate in the performance of the duties of a police officer, so that that provision does not impose an obligation to participate in investigative measures by investigating officers.

In addition to this criminal case, the said public prosecutor simultaneously supervises another 80-90 cases, making it difficult to combine participation in investigative actions with all direct activities.

Has Prosecutor Valéria Simonová ever received instructions from Special Prosecutor Dušan Kováčik, either verbally or in writing, in connection with the supervision of the BÚRKA case?

No written or verbal instruction related to supervision in criminal matters, the so-called He received no “storm” from the former special prosecutor.

Was the tightening of the criminal law on Monika Jankovská the own decision of Prosecutor Valérie Simonová, or did the then Special Prosecutor Dušan Kováčik also influence this decision?

The fine rate was tightened on the basis of the results of the investigation and on the basis of the decision of the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic, which ruled on the detention of the suspect and expressed his legal opinion to which the prosecutor agreed. Establishing a legal qualification and changing it is possible at any time during the investigation based on the results of the investigation.

In September, prosecutor Valéria Simonová scheduled a hearing of Monika Jankovská at the office of the special prosecutor’s office. Besides Ms. Simon, which prosecutor would attend this interrogation?

Interrogation of the Defendant JUDr. Monika J., which took place on October 27, 2020, on the basis of her written request, was to be attended by a prosecutor, who would be appointed by the director of the general crime department at the request of the supervising prosecutor.

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