Morbidity in the Banská Bystrica region has declined, but an increase is expected

Banská Bystrica, September 3 (TASR) – Although the number of patients in the self-governing region of Banská Bystrica has decreased this week, the number of children is expected to increase as children attend school.

According to Mária Tolnayová, a spokeswoman for the Regional Office of Health (RÚVZ) in Banská Bystrica, the slight decrease in both acute respiratory disease (ARO) and flu and flu-like illness (CHPO) in recent years has been almost identical to their development over the last week from August. The highest morbidity in several AROs was recorded in the districts of Lučenec, Žarnovica and Žiar nad Hronom. Most people in Poltár and Žarnovica districts got the flu.

“According to experience, physicians and epidemiologists expect a higher number of patients in connection with the influx of children to school and a greater return of people from vacation, which is not considered to be anything special. Period of stay in the collective,” Explained Tolnay.

“To minimize morbidity at the beginning of the school year, there is an important period to implement all available preventive measures. They will largely prevent the transmission of pathogens, especially respiratory diseases. Healthy children and healthy. staff in children’s and school collectives, “ emphasizes Katarína Slotová, head of the child and youth hygiene department of Banská Bystrica RÚVZ.

According to her, parents themselves have a role to play in prevention, as do teachers and school staff. Regular and effective ventilation should not be forgotten in school and preschool facilities. During cleaning, daily removal of dust, cleaning of floors and other surfaces, including radiators and door handles that are wet with dish soap, is desirable. Teachers and parents should pay more attention to the principles of children’s personal hygiene. We should also not forget a healthy diet, a drinking regime, adequate sleep, exercise in the fresh air or hardening.

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