NASA & # 39; s Osiris-Rex probe has entered the orbit of the asteroid Benna and has created several records

LAUREL, January 1 ( – The Osiris-Rex Osiris-Rex probe from NASA came on Tuesday for the Asteroid Benna, which is 110 million kilometers from Earth, creating various records.

Return to 2023

Bennu is in the first place the smallest cosmic body that the Earth Proton ever approached. Another record is the distance from the probe to the asteroid, which is 1.6 kilometers after the maneuver of Tuesday.
The probe landed in the asteroid in early December, but it only ended up in its orbit. In 2020, asteroids must take countries and samples to be brought to Earth in 2023.
An anchor of Osiris-Rex in the orbit of the asteroid Benna was announced by NASA on the same day that space research was again a great success. The New Horizons probe has survived the flight around the furthest body that humanity has ever released – a mysterious object at the edge of our solar system called Ultima Thule.

Remote Bodies in the Universe

The success of Tuesday also means that the probe would theoretically be able to take another mission to some of the more remote bodies as NASA decides.
The New Horizons, which flew around Pluto in July 2015, arrived on Thursday morning at Ultima Thule for a distance of 3,500 kilometers. It is an ice body that is located in the Kuiper belt, a series of small planets at the edge of the solar system and that lasts nearly 300 earth days around the sun.
The body of Ultima Thule is located up to 6.5 billion kilometers from the earth, and according to some scientists it can even be two bodies that are found as a result of attraction and revolving.
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