Nobody has seen this PHOTO Lady Diana († 36) yet: Her brother published it!

The interest in Lady Diana does not diminish. The media and the public have turned to her since her name began to associate with Prince Charles. And nothing has changed over the years. The beautiful Diana has literally become a sensation and although 23 years have passed since her death, there is still a commotion surrounding her.

Over the years, multiple books have been published, several films have been made, and people who were once close to Diane revealed more and more intimacy and spunk from her privacy. Brother Charles is one of them. He now shared a photo from the family album. The shot comes from her childhood and she poses with her beloved sister Diana.

In addition to Charles’s brother, Lady Diana also had a brother, John, and two sisters, Jane and Sarah. It was the last to introduce her to her husband and the father of her sons, Prince Charles.

Charles Spencer did not comment on the photo. However, fans of the late Diana were very satisfied and again called her and her good heart.

Charles Spencer

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