Nokia 9 PureView with five camera's appeared in the promo video. The fingerprint reader is on the screen

The video leaked faster than it was.

Expected Nokia 9 must finally be officially imported. This information has recently been published and is now being confirmed escaped ad video, which presents the main features of the new smartphone.

The main attraction of Nokie 9 should be 5 cameras at the rear. You must according to the video to make the scene simultaneously to create the ultimate picture of high quality and unmatched amount of detail. The reversing camera must be recorded with five sensors up to 10 × more light compared with traditional cameras.

Nokia 9

Wireless charging and fingerprint reader in the display

It does not appear that the rear camera will offer a telephoto lens with an optical zoom or ultra-wide camera, as is the case with competing devices. Five cameras have to be secured the highest possible quality of the resulting photo. There is no lightning next to them, and Scene depth sensor.

Nokia 9 also offers support wireless charging. fingerprint reader directly on the display, Snapdragon 845 processor and 6 GB RAM + 128 GB storage.

Source: gsmarena

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