Paulina Fialk is preparing for the season more than a year ago

today at 3.30 pm

After Sunday's training, we spoke with the 26-year-old Paulina Fialkova. Twelve fifth at the Olympic Games in Pjongcang, the second of the run with a massive start in the SP final in March 2018, the double queen of the Slovak biathlon course for the seasons 2015/16 and 2016/17.

Personal report against personal misconduct

Paulina, what is your opinion about the situation surrounding the contract, what threatens your start in the World Cup?

"I will not comment on it, my lawyer or employer, Dukla University, will do that. & # 39;

So, at least, tell me how you are doing in the last season?

"Super! In my opinion we are on the right track, we really want to show and believe that we will make a heavy hit."

Testing at Dukla Banská Bystrica University before going to the snow was the best in history. The known VO2 max, that is to say the maximum amount of oxygen that the athlete can use, was 75.2 milliliters per kilogram of weight, a women's record at Dukla University. It looks like a gradient …

"Yes, we were surprised, we expected improvement in the spring, but this … We are glad that we have somehow moved in the right direction."

Just use it now in the season …

"We will do our best to represent Slovakia the best."


"My name is Peter Fialka, I am the father of Biathlonist Pauline and Ivona Fialk, I am not deliberately writing Slovakian representatives, because they are not currently, I would like to point out the persistent discussions between the training group of the Salser Fials and the trade union leadership The dispute about the form and content of the contract lasted several months and so far there is no agreement. "

"The trade union refuses for us incomprehensible reasons, the most important point for us, namely the guarantee of the participation of their trainers Murínová, Bajčička and physiotherapist Jambor to representative events to the same extent as in the previous seasons, and vice versa, has insufficient personality to my daughter's assertions that have nothing to do with the representation of the country, even in the face of the successful Olympic season, I think we are guilty of punishment. "

"The union chair led by Mr. Fusko has worked with my girls' coaches, and the dissatisfaction is still not over, and the question is why, if there is a bilateral agreement that at least guarantees the basic conditions, girls are ready to represent not only our country, but to be fully present during the representation of sponsors and sponsors of the trade union, without any financial demands. "

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