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Pellegrini has already decided: Slovakia will not support the UN pact, Lajčák has noted it

But if the analysis shows that someone can go to Marake and say why we disagree and will not bind us, the Prime Minister can not understand why the ambassador could not go there. Pellegrini talked about compact with his colleagues from Austria and Poland who have already refused to support the compact. The Prime Minister also announced that he had requested the Minister for Foreign Affairs Miroslav Lajcak and the State Secretary for SNS Lukáš Paríz to analyze. Below, Pariz is an international organization, including the United Nations.

"As prime minister, I reject the text of the pact and I refuse to submit an application in Slovakia" Pellegrini added. Regarding the possible resignation of the Lajcak, he was already talking to him. Pellegrini says that his opinion was taken into account by Lajčák. The Prime Minister pointed out that Slovakia is waiting for the OSCE, the OECD Presidency in V4, and does not think that Slovakia should lose the quality minister for this pact. He believes that Lajčák will reunite and promote the SR service beyond his personal attitude.

The NR SR Foreign Commission has already adopted a resolution according to which Slovakia should refuse to compromise. Against the compact is mainly coalition CIS, but also opposition SaS and we are a family. The alternative resolution, which could be discussed by Parliament, also says Minister Lajčák. On the minister's side, Most-Híd is based on the coalition. The document was discussed when Lajčák chaired the UN General Assembly, so it is also a question of trust for him. If Smer does not believe him, he can not be a preacher, Lajčák said.

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