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Petrovitch: Direction defeated his arrogance

He realizes that when they do the same, voters will also make them.

Kosice. Mighty local deputy Igor Petrovchik (Spolu, SMK, KDH, SaS, PS) moves after the local elections thanks to the election of voters in the higher spheres of politics in Kosovo.

At the election of the mayor of the most exclusive part of the city, he defeated the long-term director Gregubomír Gregu (OĽaNO, Zmena dolů, DÚ, We family, National coalition) and as a bonus he also won the mandate of the municipal councilor.

The opponents made mistakes, so the victory was waiting

"We did not even think about what we had survived in the election night, that he could do it, we got almost everything we did, besides Jar Polacec himself, who won the mayoral elections, we have five mayors, four of them in We will also be able to rely on a strong representation of our deputies in the city and various local councils, "said Petrovcik.

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He even feels satisfied that he led the winning election campaign for the mayor "de facto alone".

He believes that even a city level will create a good and compact team that will advance him, fulfill his ambitions for the elections and Kosice will function.

He is grateful to his team for the hard robot and the family for the support he did not enjoy in the election campaign.

"I also want to thank the newly elected mayor Jar Polaček for always believing that he will be a trainer who taught us how to literally handle our goals and visions," he wrote a compliment to two weeks to the first man city.

He admitted that he was expecting an overwhelming loss of direction in Košice.

"I personally felt this before the elections, I've seen a lot of tactical mistakes when looking at opponents' camps, especially with regard to the mayor's election, I was happy because I was convinced that it would really help us . "

They think it was easy for them to do that by Smer et al. In the light of what these Social Democrats have "shown in recent years".

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