Playstation 4 has its birthday today in Europe

Playstation 4 has its birthday in Europe today

November 30, 2020 Denis Slez

The Playstation 4 was released in Europe seven years ago, let’s see what it has achieved in 7 years.

The PS4 managed to sell a whopping 113.7 million units in 7 years, making it certainly the most successful console of its generation (the Xbox One, for example, has sold less than 50 million consoles).

Playstation 4 has been released in many versions. In addition to the classic version, the Slim version was released and for the first time Sony also introduced a more powerful version of the console, the Playstation 4 Pro. The reason the console was so successful is that it has released a number of exclusive games. Here are the best / most famous of them (my opinion):

Of course, I didn’t list all the great exclusivities, there were many, and without them the PS4 wouldn’t be as successful.

Sony also came to PS4 with virtual reality (hereafter referred to as “VR”), which was quite a success. Sony has sold more than 5 million VR kits. They came exclusively with the PS4 VR version of Resident Evil 7, in which many people had nightmares.

Sony launched the sale of PS5 a few weeks ago. The Playstation 5 has fewer exclusive games to launch than its predecessor, but so far, with sales and player satisfaction, Sony seems to be on a successful path.

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