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RTVS left unsatisfied journalists last year. He is the employer of the year

Public broadcasting and radio broadcasts were shattered last year by a controversial directive, leaving staff and massive statements.

The RTVS became the most attractive employer of the year in the media sector. In the seventh year of the Priest of the Year 2018 she defended her previous three primates. RTVS spokeswoman Erika Rusnáková has informed. Every year the research is organized by Profesia.

More than 13,600 respondents who voted for the most attractive employer among nearly 196 nominated companies were involved in the vote.

RTVS received the prize 'Prize in the Media & # 39 ;, which was registered by 18 employers.

"This has confirmed that we are one of the largest and most exciting employers in the audiovisual field." One of our main priorities is to find the talent that we try to create space for their further development and, of course, to preserve them, "stated the director of the Personnel Department Václav Staškovič.

Employees also leave new rules

Last year, RTVS was in a deep crisis. A large part of the editors submitted a statement because they did not agree with the practices of the then leadership.

It was released at the beginning of the year by former reporter Oľga Baková. It followed the decision not to extend contracts to external editors or the adoption of controversial directives, which, for example, prohibit the publication of information about opposition proposals.

The situation culminated with the resignation of Petra Stano Maťašovská as the post of head of the radio news.

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