Scientists have improved heat pipes with graphene and carbon fiber

Researchers from a Swedish university have discovered that heat pipes, also known as heat pipes, can be improved with graphene. Heatpipes are one of the most effective heat dissipation solutions with the ability to dissipate over long distances. They are used in many industries and most CPU and graphics card coolers also use them.

Electronics and especially large data centers need to be cooled efficiently and graphene-containing heat pipes could be the solution. Today they are mainly made of materials such as copper, aluminum or their alloys.

Due to the high density and limited heat transfer capacity of these materials, they can hardly be improved without the use of others. This problem occurs mainly in the aforementioned data centers, which place increasingly higher demands on performance and thus the amount of heat produced, eg servers for video streaming services.

Graphene-based heat pipes have a specific heat transfer coefficient 3.5 times better than that of copper. Beneath the graphene surface are carbon fiber components, and scientists have tested tubes with an outer diameter of 6mm and a length of 150mm. They have great potential for cooling various types of electronics, especially where low weight and corrosion resistance are required.

Zdroj: Phys
Image: Ya Liu / Johan Liu / Chalmers University of Technology

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