Slovaks have the euro, but the small coins would be canceled – Economy – News

Slovakia adopted the euro as a single currency ten years ago, 1 January 2009. The Slovaks have become accustomed to the common currency for ten years, and most of them consider it a positive thing.

With the recognition of individual euro banknotes they have almost no money
problem, only a third of the purchases are converted into the old currency, and
a more serious problem would not even be in even closer coordination
important policy between the euro area countries.

This results from the results of the Eurobarometer survey that has already taken place
in October 2018. According to them, the euro is considered good in his own country
68% of the Slovaks surveyed. At the same time 79% of Slovaks asked
believes that the euro is good for the European Union as a whole. Up to 90%
of respondents from Slovakia also said that with recognition and narration
with euro banknotes have no problem, and 75% said they did the same
has no problems with the euro coins.

Nevertheless, 73% of Slovaks are considering deleting 1 and 2 cents
coins. They would not be affected by the subsequent completion of price tags
in stores mathematically generally 5 cents. For comparison, within the whole
of the euro zone, only 64%

At the same time, according to the results of the survey, the Slovaks would not stop, even if they did
the countries of the euro zone are even more involved in shaping each other
important policies such as fiscal policy. for closer
policy coordination within the euro zone was 53%
17% of the respondents are satisfied.

The Eurobarometer survey took place in mid-October
a sample of 17,589 respondents in the euro area and of them
1,000 respondents in Slovakia.

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