The academy will grow for millions of euros in the Košice football arena

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Not far from the Košice Football Arena (KFA) in the Všešportov complex, construction of a football academy could start in the spring of next year.

A quartet of training fields and a new building with changing rooms and facilities at an estimated cost of 4 million euros will be built in two phases. In collaboration with the city of Košice and the football club FC Košice, it will be built and operated by Slovak Sport Development, representing Hungarian investors. The municipality of Košice informed about it on Friday.

The plans are contained in a Memorandum of Understanding signed Wednesday (December 2) in Košice by representatives of all parties involved. “I am very pleased that not only the construction of the Košice Football Arena is progressing, but that we have also signed a memorandum of cooperation, which will please hundreds of football expectations in our city. I will be very happy when the highest league returns to Košice and football academy, “ said Mayor Jaroslav Polaček.

In October, city council representatives approved the intention to lease land for FC Košice for one euro for 30 years from KFA to build a football academy. According to the municipality, the signing of the memorandum is the start of an intensive collaboration between the city, KFA, Slovak Sport Development and FC Košice. The aim is for KFA to become a modern sports complex for top sports and youth sports.

Marcel Gibóda, Deputy Mayor and Chairman of the Board of KFA, welcomed the efforts of FC Košice and their partner to implement and then fund the running of the academy. He believes that the Košice club can start a successful football phase in the city again thanks to his own children.

According to the director of Slovak Sport Development, Tamás Szabó, this is an important project that can significantly help the development of the city: “We think that there is no football academy in Slovakia and especially in this region and it will find its justification here. We do not want young football talents to leave their families in order to realize their football dream.”

The chairman of the board and the chairman of FC Košice Dušan Trnka sees the football academy as an opportunity to produce quality footballers who would also survive matches with renowned European clubs: “We see this project as a historic milestone that football has been waiting for in the city for a long time. We would like to thank our partners, the city of Košice, for providing land and Slovak sports development for funding for the construction of the academy. We believe that from now on The future of football in the city Following this memorandum, further agreements must be made so that we and our partners can start building a youth football academy in the spring.

The Consul General of Hungary in Košice, Ágota Hetey, also enjoys mutual cooperation between partners on both sides of the border. She described sports and especially football as an important part of the lives of Slovaks and Hungarians: “We especially welcome the fact that the signed agreement is the basis for long-term cooperation in this field. The future academy is an investment in the future, in talented children and with them in the common Slovak-Hungarian future.”

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