The payment of the 13th pension has started: SEE who is entitled to what amount!

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Right to the 13th pension

the pensioner who is entitled to benefit in December 2020 is entitled to:

  • old age
  • early retirement
  • handicapped
  • widow
  • widow
  • be and
  • social pension.


At the same time, the social insurance company also pays out the 13th pension to pension recipients living outside Slovakia. If the pension is paid by a payer other than the Social Insurance Company, eg the Military Social Security Bureau, the Ministry of the Interior, etc. 13. The pension is paid by the institution that pays the higher pension.

Payout started 13.

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Payment dates

On Wednesday, the social insurance company announced on its website that the 13th pension will be paid automatically after meeting the legal conditions, in other words there is no need to apply for it. It is from about 1.4 million retirees, who will receive it along with the pension in the December pay period. It is usually even days from the 2nd to the 24th day of the calendar month. In December 2020, the last payday for pension benefits will be the day before, namely December 23, 2020 (before the Christmas holidays).

Minimum 50 and maximum 300 euros

  • A maximum of 300 euros is given to pensioners with a pension of 214.83 euros and less.
  • Recipients of pensions ranging from 214.84 euros To do 909.27 euros the height will decrease to the minimum 50.01 euro.
  • Lowest 13th retirement of 50 eur will be given to the retirees who receive a pension of the amount EUR 909.28 and more.


Great Tool – Calculator

If you want to know the exact amount that is yours, you can calculate it via Calculatorsissued by the Social Insurance Agency. About 307 million euros will go to the 13th pension this year.

Payout started 13.


You do not have to fear the executor

According to the Social Insurance Agency, the 13th pension is not subject to exclusion. The pensioner with the ordered implementation allowance will therefore receive this in full in the amount to which he is entitled. The executor should not touch it, even if it has been transferred to a bank account. 13. the pension is a social benefit of the state, it is not possible to reduce it through implementation.

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