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The Slovak aid to Jaguar becomes the argument of the Brexite proponents

Jaguar Land Rover announced Thursday that it will release 4500 employees in Britain.

January 12, 2019 o 18:52 CTK

BRUSSELS / LONDON. Slovak support for Jaguar Land Rover, approved by the European Commission, is one of the Brexit's arguments.

They are worried about the loss of thousands of jobs, which, according to them, go from Solihull to Nitra because of Brussels.

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Brexit as an excuse

Last October, the European Commission authorized the United Kingdom to provide £ 110 million to the British car manufacturer.

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Briti is already moving production to Slovakia – a new factory with a production capacity of 150,000 cars per year, which was officially opened in October, production started in September.

Jaguar Land Rover announced on Thursday that it would release 4,500 employees in the UK.

The decision of Chief Ralf Speth was motivated by "persistent uncertainty about brexitis".

He is now faced with the remorse that he uses Britain's withdrawal from the EU as an excuse for the evil leadership of a company that relies too heavily on the Chinese market and produces further diesel engines.

They will not receive the money

"Jaguar Land Rover has 110 million reasons to promote UK membership in the EU, one of the disadvantages of membership is that it spends our money on moving jobs from the UK to the EU," he told The Daily Telegraph, a conservative member of parliament Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Slovakia has been the largest car producer in the world per capita in recent years. Volkswagen, Kia Motors and PSA have their factory here, with a number of subcontractors.

The car industry is one of the most important steps of the export-oriented Slovak economy.

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