VIDEO: Ramsay coach and Slovak hockey players respond to a match with Russia

today 19:07

The Slovakian ice hockey team has overtaken Russia's 1: 2 Olympic match in the quarter opening championship of the Swiss Cup tournament, which will be played under the title Lucerne Cup in Lucerne.

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The first two goals fell to the last minute II. third. The first Russian defender Vladislav Provolov with a hard shot from the attacking circle did not give the opportunity to Andrej Košarišťan in the goal of Slovakia. 16 seconds later he presented himself with an accurate shot from the blue Slovakian defender Martin Chovan, who scored his first goal in the most valuable jersey.

In the 55th minute the decision was made by the stick of Alexander Chochlaciov. In the German Cup in Krefelde in November, the same 2: 1 result for the favorites was born between Russia and Slovakia.

The second and last opponent of Slovakia in Lucerne will be fought Friday from the match between Switzerland and Austria. They play on Thursday night from 20.15.

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Vote after match:

Craig Ramsay, trainer SR (source: RTVS): "The Russians have had many chances, our goalkeeper Košaristan has been very good and we have worked out chances, but we have defended ourselves weakly, but we have not managed to score, but the Russians have scored a perfect pass in the winning game, another goal. "

Andrej Košarišťan, goalkeeper SR: "For us it was a fighting game, but we made more mistakes than our opponents and it was the decision, it was with the Russians to play, the goalkeeper was captured by them, he held them several times, but the victory was important, but I'm sorry, it can be solved differently. "

Martin Chovan, the sole purpose of the SR: "I certainly enjoyed the goal, but I was very disappointed that we had not won, and I had to take advantage of the second chance I had in my game." My teammates helped me with a shot at the goal.

Michal Chovan, striker SR: "I think we've had a good game, and we've had more of a game at times, too bad we did not take the chances and our five did well, the draw would be fair."

Dominik Graňák, defender and captain SR: "We have made good chances, but the Russians have made a better move and finally decided."

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