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Win great prizes thanks to Mobile Year 2018, made possible by O2

Choose the best mobile devices of the past year and win one of seven valuable prizes.

In the traditional year 2018 Mobile Year 201, powered by O2, we are looking for the twelfth time to the best smartphones, accessories and gadgets of the past year. And we start symbolically again – the twelfth year begins on January 12, 2019. You can mark your favorites in seven categories for seven months.

Three major Slovakian media dedicated to the full range of mobile phones have once again joined forces to help you choose the best equipment of the past year. Mobile year has its own tradition, in the first year more than half of the voters voted for the popular Nokia 6300 and a year later they chose the stylish mobile phone of the year for the iPhone 3G.

Time has changed and time has also been requested by individual categories. The honest and expert principle of the poll, in which more than 13,000 interested readers decided on the results last year, did not change. The more you will be, the more accurate and relevant the results will be.

So do not hesitate and mark www.mobilroka.sk on the best, reasonably priced mobile phone of the year 2018. Eight smartphones are nominated by different representatives of the expert committee in individual categories, the result of the vote is up to you.

The basic category is supplemented by three categories of accessories: Smart Watch, Bluetooth Speaker and Bluetooth Headset of the Year 2018. Last year we added the brand new Gadget of the year 2018. We are very curious about the most.

The timing of the survey is related to the year – but from January 12 to February 12, 2019, it is up to you which mobile devices will be the best. Thanks to that, you will also participate in twelve valuable prizes.

Thanks to the general partner of the Mobile Year 2018 survey, made possible by O2, you can upload videos from the GoPro HERO Session sports video camera for the month. Or, happiness from another side will smile at you and you will no longer have to vacuum, worry about viruses or speculate on how you can sound a spring garden celebration. Prices that are filled in by a randomly chosen voter after the poll are more than attractive this year.

Each participant can only participate in the polls by voting on Mobilroka.sk. Honest results can only be achieved through a conscious approach on both sides. We therefore look forward to all responsible votes.


And if you look at Mobilroka.sk, do not forget to look at the past years. On this basis you can get an idea of ​​how the Slovakian mobile phone market has developed and shaped for twelve years.

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