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You can already sign a drugstore in the dm-drier market. Wholesale METRO has also been added

dm drier market launches a long-awaited ecological service – selected for detergents and cleaning agents – in selected operations. This service is currently available in four operations (Central, Aupark in Bratislava, city park in Trnava and Stop-shop in Trenčín) and will be added in a further six stores by the end of May.

The aim is to take an important step towards a reduction in plastic consumption: by reusing containers, up to 60% of plastic waste can be saved.

The savings in this drug store compared to a drugstore in a bottle range from 12 to 20% depending on the type of device. Slovakia is the second country in Austria where the drugstore network launches this type of service.

source: dm drier market

The testing of gas stations takes place over a period of 12 months. Any expansion of gas stations for further processing or the addition of a new range depends on the acceptance of this service and the importance that customers attach to it. dm drier market in Austria started testing filling stations in 12 factories in the autumn of 2018. The service received a very positive response and that is why DM Dryie is expanding its number to 24 in Austria.

"More and more customers are aware of the impact of their behavior on our planet and care about their future. We in Dm want to support them in this lifestyle and in this way contribute to sustainability. By buying a drugstore, the customer does not save only money, but also plastic waste, " announced in the press release dm drier market director Martin Podhradský.

How to do it

You can fill detergents in containers that are available in the dm-dryer market, 1.5 liters for detergents and 1 liter for hand dishwashers. The price of a hand dishwashing container is 0.39 euros and 0.49 euros for the detergent.

These containers can be returned and refilled after their contents have been used. In this case, however, the customer must inform the branch staff. Dishwashing bottles are made from 100% recyclable plastic and bottles with bio-plastic detergents from renewable sources. All products are made in Austria.

source: dm drier market

The products are of organic quality and the raw materials for their production come mainly from controlled organic agriculture. The minimum durability of the products is two years.

You can also take your medicine to Yeme and Metra

Yeme – Completely Food has announced New on their Facebook: "Cappuyeme. You may have noticed that this stand with a packaging-free eco-drying facility has been added to our store in Tomášikova. You can use TIERRA VERDE's washing gels, rinse aid, fabric softener, universal cleaner and washing-up gel yourself or with the help of our employees. "

Cappuyeme. You may have noticed that this stand with packaging has been added to our store in Tomášikova.

Posted from YEME full food ben Mittwoch, 3. October 2018

After you have purchased a labeled drugstore at Tierra Verde in METER and then used the product, you will be provided with a discount code at reception that you can use with the same next bottle.

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