Aristotle, Pako and Roletarstvo Medle

18/09/2018 | 13:30

Last year, the regional gazelle Adria Dom of Kanižarica (photo director Marta Klevišar). Who will succeed? (Photo: B. B., archive DL)

Novo mesto – The finalists of this year for the Dolenjska-Posavina gazelle are Aristotle, Pako and Roletarstvo Medle. The announcement of the best among fast growing companies in the region – the selection is organized by the company Dnevnik – will take place on Thursday in Otočec.

The Aristotel of Krško health center has a 20-year tradition. The company is owned by the Čakar family and is managed by the company Darja Čakar. In addition to the modern health center in Krško, there is also an outpatient clinic in Novo Mesto, with 32 employees, including 8 doctors, Aristotle has 26 outsiders, of whom 16 are specialists. The main activity of the company is medicine of labor, transport and sport, and family medicine, and the activity expands in the field of physiotherapy, rehabilitation and aesthetic surgery. Last year they generated 1.75 million euro sales, 76 percent. more than five years ago, and 185,000 euros in net profit.

The company Pako from Jesenice in Dolenjska specializes in the distribution of raw materials and equipment for the advertising and printing industry. Take him Gregor Simunovich, a representative of the second generation of this family business. Pako consists of two companies active on the domestic and Croatian market, and the group employs 47 people, who last year generated a turnover of 9.45 million euros (76 percent growth compared to 2012) and 312 thousand euros net profit . In the near future, they plan to expand into new markets and develop their own online store.

Even the Rolling Industry Medle from Novo Mesto is a family business and the finalists have the longest 42-year tradition. During this time the company was transformed into a production company for the assembly of shutters and became one of the largest Slovenian producers of blinds, shutters and building furniture. In addition to the domestic market, it is also active in a number of European markets, particularly in Croatia and in German-speaking countries. The company is run by a second-generation representative Robert Medletogether with a disabled company, the company currently employs 174 people. It is headquartered in the Cikava trading zone, where new production facilities for companies are being built, which will be relocated next year. Last year, the company generated sales of € 19.44 million (a growth of 71 percent compared to 2012) and a net profit of € 1.9 million.

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