Columnist Gašper Lubej: The house of the Jews

I do not know if he was in favor of risky movements as a manager. As a politician it is clear that, as an average speaker, he does not take over the position of the speaker, as the first among the same in parliament, they are called the English. Why Dejan Jidanwho, before he entered politics in 2010, was led by an important Panvita company, did not re-record the ministerial office, where you can show results, you know, the best of all.

Two interpretations are possible: he has fled to parliament, unlike all the remaining presidents of the coalition parties, because he Marjan Sarac It will not work. He hopes that a possible new political combinatory will give him the desired mandate in the coming years, which despite all the means of the Social Democrats was unable to participate in the election campaign. Perhaps it is based on the fact that another MP will join the SD, preferably from LMŠ, and SD will thus become the largest parliamentary faction in the center.

Any average political analyst can predict that Sharec would look like that Miro Cerar in the previous mandate, the target of brutal eradication of the opposition, as well as refined intrigues within the coalition. If he does not set up the ministerial authority, the new mandate will be even more vulnerable, because the considerably smaller number of delegates than Cerar, the smaller the specific gravity in the government. For example, perhaps Zidan counts in the mid-term of his mandate, as a left-wing soldier, as a political manager who will regulate political chaos. Things are not that simple, of course, it will have to fail first.

Another explanation could derive from the unmistakable Jewish political ambition and the assessment that he will succeed in political growth precisely because of the function of the President of Parliament. I am afraid that the former Minister of Agriculture will be overestimated and that he is forgetting that some presidents of parliament are no longer remembering and that some have ended up in a political abyss despite this prestigious position.

Paul Gantar many people still remember that, but after the end of his term Zares has already received 0.63 percent of the votes. We have not forgotten Gregor Virant and his party also agreed with a catastrophic 0.64 percent in 2014.

The reasons for this political decline are partly different and are not directly comparable. It is also true that the Social Democrats, as one of the traditional parties, will not be so low in the forthcoming elections, but some strategic considerations seem to be lacking in this party. Dejan Jidan is simply not a political caliber, as it is Borut Pahorregardless of what you think of his politics in the past 18 years. After a politically competent presidium, Pahor shot in parliament in the mandate of 2000-2004 and won a brilliant victory in parliamentary elections in four years.
Because of the assembly of the government and, rather, in panic, the Social Democrats drove the sub-sample to a fair analysis of the election result to succeed in Janez Janša. No one dares to say the votes of the figures: with less than ten percent the SD reached the third worst outcome in the past 28 years. It will be interesting to see if comrades will say something about this subject at the next conference.

Dejan Židan PHOTO: Blaž Samec

In the coming months, despite a comfortable position on the chair of the presidential palace, he will be faced with two important processes. Firstly, in the autumn local elections, where the results of 2014 have to be significantly exceeded: at the same time SD achieved almost the same result on the third level between the parties as during the parliamentary elections of this year, 9.95 percent, with 20 mayors on the second place among customers.
More importantly, the elections to the European Parliament next May, which will be the first serious national political test: it measures the momentum of voters in the first year of the new government and the new parliament. We must not forget that the previous president of the SD has held previous elections Igor Luksic. The Jew will probably not be able to skip Lukšič's score (8.08 percent), but it will be very important how competitors are left behind.

Dejan Jidan is simply not a political caliber like Borut Pahor, no matter what you think about his politics in the last 18 years.

Lukšič landed only in fifth place in 2014 and it was also taken by the fact that even Desus caught up with him Karla Erjavca. If the third attempt succeeds, Levy succeeds in overtaking the SD – after the Social Democrats have won good parliamentary elections in 2014 and this year – the head will greatly hurt Lukšič in 2014.
The Jew risks that a comfortable chair in parliament is no longer a willpower.

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