Farsa chooses a new director of stone tourism, sport and culture

The Institute for Tourism, Sports and Culture Kamnik, just before the Days of National Costs, remains without a director, while the members of the Board of the Institute have not supported and / or supported the new director during the meeting. were confirmed by none of the candidates who applied for the tender and fulfilled all its conditions, and the personal presentation of the two invited candidates, for the sake of the behavior of individual members of the Institute's Board, recalled moments of a more troubling and contemptuous hearing, a destructive farce with a predetermined exhaustion. Because of our reporting, research in connection with the events in the ZTKK Kamnik, we have not only received ordinary complaints, but also threats and extortion pressures.

On Thursday, August 23, 2018, the 65th meeting of the Council of the Institute for Tourism, Sports and Culture Kamnik continued in the ZTŠK building at the sports stadium in Mekinje, with as main point the personal presentation of two (out of four applicants) who met the conditions of the public tender for the director or director of the aforementioned institution, which is traditional at the end of the month and just before the biggest event, Days full of costumes and clothing, in response to the director's resignation Božene Peterlin, remains without the (true) leadership that we have already written in one of the previous contributions. (Link: Two candidates will compete for the position of director of the Institute for Tourism, Sports and Culture Kamnik)

Attempt to close the meeting to the public

This time the council of the public institute has a number of members, members who are not particularly interested in public attention and media attention for their work, this time also want to close the press to the public, because they have to be protected, the personal protect data of both candidates who present themselves personally.

Because they wanted to close the previous session or the closing session with a similar statement. opening of applications for the call, which then anonymously or without stating the personal details and the names of the applicants, we prepared for each and both candidates, prior to the meeting, a consensus that the presence of the public, our media have no objections to their presentation, so we could still attend the meeting and the presentation of both candidates.

As an interesting point, however, we must mention that in the previous session all applications they received, with the exception of members and members of the Board of the Institute, when they were opened, although they were not members of the Board of the Institute, also extensively examined by the head of the department of social activities of the municipality of Kamnik.

Presentation and "hearing" candidates

Members of the Council of the Institute, in the same order as their applications, presented two very different, but at the same time very interesting and, as shown by personal presentations, also reasonably promising candidates who, each in their own way, with their approach and experience, they knew for sure how to lead, and welcome to contribute to the dynamism and working method of the Institute for Tourism, Sports and Culture Kamnik.

An enviable experience

She was the first to present a calm, well-considered candidate for forty years, who apparently prepared very well and thoroughly for the presentation and, apparently, studied a lot of publicly accessible material about the institution. In her personal presentation she said in the first instance that she is a fan of nature and sports, studying abroad, where she spent half her life, that she has twenty years of work experience in different workplaces, with a series of very interesting and promising, if not very impressive, references to managerial positions acquired in the economy, the private sector and public administration.

According to the candidate, who speaks among other things about five foreign languages, he, as director of the ZTŠK with her experience in marketing work, can contribute to this work, as a result of which the institution would receive higher equity and thus reduce the dependence on the municipal budget. because the institution, if it were more under control, could largely maintain itself.

She said she would achieve this through more extensive and better cooperation and networks of all stakeholders in Kamnik, who operate mostly independently and scattered, making it easier and faster to achieve and achieve the goals of the Kamnik tourism strategy.

Unfortunately, the first candidate could not say much about herself, her ideas and way of working, since the members of the board usually dealt with questions and remarks that were usually given in a way that made them feel they did not want to. they do not intend to give the right option, but at least to discourage it from any intention or intention. the desire to lead the Kamnik Institute for Tourism, Sports and Culture.

In fact, the members of the institute's council have asked them more questions by asking for a different job, because the salary for such a responsible position is in fact very bad, that there is a whole series of bureaucratic obstacles and obstacles are overwhelming the workers, too few and comparable, presenting both the institution and at the same time itself or the institute's Council, presented in a rather strange, if not the worst possible light.

Planned demolition of presentations

In the incomprehensible, completely destructive, if not all hateful "questioning" of the candidate who answered the questions that were collectively, substantively and well argued, the "member of the world" were asked Alenka Jevšnik, recently vainly fighting for the position of member of the National Assembly on the list of Marjan Šarc, and a few years ago, as well as in vain, for the post of director of the public institute Kindergarten Anton Medved.

The candidate of Jevšnik, with a constant and extremely rude, unscrupulous and almost innumerable leap in the word, who almost baffled prostitution, did not even hear anything from her, so the candidate did not even have the right opportunity to fully accept the promise. answers. ask. However, if the candidate inadvertently managed to get in, Jevšnik's ideas, views, arguments and answers were interrupted by banal and contemptuous remarks and arrogantly lofty comments, which, together with the questions and remarks of some other members, of the members of the world gave the impression that it was in fact a deliberate and deliberate destruction of the presentation (theoretically almost ideal) candidate, who, according to her presented and supported by knowledge and experience, would be a member of another, from another world of the institute, in a different place, they would not want to be as easy as possible, but should not be let out too quickly.

Energetic enthusiasm

Nothing much better was unfortunately not the result of the next, youthful energetic and enthusiastic candidates of the early thirties, whose experiences may not be as diverse and rich as the experiences of her predecessor, but the advantage of her, albeit limited but interesting experiences show that it has largely reached them in a successful and widely recognizable company, which in the last few years, with different, daring, even provocative and in any case with very successful and high-profile projects and promotions, has not only contributed to promotion of his own activity, but also the promotion of Kamnik and his sights, Kamnik and his wider surroundings, attracted an immense number of domestic and foreign tourists who spend many days in our cities.

A rather energetic presentation was also of her vision on the management of the institution, in which she indeed, with already known data, briefly analyzed the situation and possibilities in the field of tourism in Kamnik, which showed that the presentation within the given options, good prepared, with almost naive enthusiasm and enthusiasm, she also gave some interesting, if not very exciting ideas, which in many ways go beyond those competences, as well as the work of the institution itself, but at the same time it shows and takes into account the broader picture, but nobody would object if at least one of the above ideas, together with the cooperation of the institute, municipalities and other interested parties, would actually come true.

Unfortunately, her "hearing" did not take much more than the "interrogation" of her predecessor. Namely, the level of wages was again behind the problem, the identification of obstacles in the public sector, communication and cooperation with the municipality, bureaucracy and such, only with the difference that the second candidate is at least somewhat pessimistic was for some members of the world they finally wanted to trample on the Jevsnik, whose behavior and the beginning of which they started to be afraid of themselves, and began to remind her with loud warnings that she had to calm down a little and put the candidate on the floor . Nevertheless, at the end of the presentation, "Hearings" were eventually dissected with doubts about the right amount or time of its managerial experience, insufficient knowledge of the way of working in the public sector, and questions in terms of whether someone knows who organizes the Kamfest festival mentioned by her, and that the Institute, in their words, has nothing to do, etc.

Secret voice

After the personal presentation of the candidates, who, as we mentioned, is more than a desire to really get to know their knowledge, visions and experiences, or a sincere desire to reach the new and best director as quickly as possible. Director of the Institute for Tourism, Sports and Culture Kamnik, usually reminded of a kind of destructive and already determined formalistic farce, the members of the Institute Council offered a break of fifteen minutes, and then they began voting, for which they were ashamed to stand for their own decisions, the decision decided that it would be kept secret.

However, Martina Jerše, President of the Council, stated in the press release at the end of the meeting: "In this way we wanted to ensure the free decision-making of members of the Institute's Board and thus avoid complaints about the pressure on individual members,"At the same time, it ensures that the work of the Institute's Board is at least transparent.

According to the first proposal, each of the two candidates would have to vote individually on their ballot, in which they would have the opportunity to fight for, against or not to be abstained, but later, because of concerns about the validity of such a vote, they received later on the ballot papers on which they were written names of both candidates.

No surprising result of the vote

It would be very difficult to say that the result of the vote was surprising, but at least expected. even predicted in advance, because they actually only received the tips and / or the information we received from well-informed municipal councils, was fairly well received before the meeting itself, namely that everything had already been decided and that no candidate, irrespective of their presentations and all the experiences and knowledge they have, they do not get enough votes to be elected or confirmed as a director. An overview and counting of votes is such an announcement. the information was only confirmed.

Eight of the nine members and members of the Board of the Institute attended the meeting, Gregor Hribar He apologized, but they are present The first candidates have 1 vote, other candidates 2 votes, 4 votes have abstained, and a mood, believe it or not, even invalid.

Let us now explain that the Council of the Institute consists of: five members / members of the founder, Municipalities of Kamnik (Martina Jerše – President, Jože Arko, Matic Podržaj, Alenka Jevšnik, Matjaž Šporar), a representative of the employees (Franci Kramar), a representative of the interested sports public (Gregor Hribar), a representative of the interested cultural audience (Janez Repansek) and one representative respectively. representative of the interested tourist public (Maja Žagar).

Political recruitment of LMŠ

In addition to the above-mentioned composition of the Board of the Institute, we must not forget that the three members of the Board of the Institute for Tourism, Sports and Culture Kamnik are directly connected to the summit. LMŠ customers, the party of the former mayor of Kamnik, and now the Prime Minister, whose influence on the municipality of Kamnik is, who left Marjan Šarec to his deputy, and at the same time as the deputy chairman of the LMŠ Igor Žavbi, still dominant.

Alenka Jevšnik and Matic support at the recent national elections LMŠ won the seat in the National Assembly, while Jože Arko member of the board of directors of said party. The strong influence of the aforementioned customer or of the current municipal administration is also observed in some other members, Member States, who were particularly pronounced at the opening or the publication of the agreement reading the candidates' candidatures for the function of the director of the ZTŠK, who unfortunately did not pass without undue, even sexist or otherwise abusive and obscene comments, when one of the members of the world, when he listened to the reading of the role of one of the candidates, flirted with the others if not all the controversial remark: "Yes, that is ours."

Benefit our "candidate"

In one of the previous contributions about the dismissal of the director Božene Peterlin (Link: The director of the Institute for Tourism, Sports and Culture Kamnik resigned), we have long since before his official resignation, as successor, in various Kamnik, especially political and communal circles, called the name dr. Tomaž Simentinger, the head of the ZTŠK Culture Department, which was initially in the media, also on the LMŠ website, was mentioned during the election campaign as a candidate for the LMŠ MP, while in some media it was even mentioned as LMŠ & # 39; s candidate for the function of cultural minister. Dr. Tomaž Simentinger also created a cultural program for LMŠ & # 39; s customer, representing the party, he appeared at various meetings and round tables, but he did not decide for the candidacy, despite the first announcements.

As he had told us himself, he should never have expected such a thing or not. that this was also his condition for cooperation with Marjan Šarec. According to his words, LMŠ contributes in his words only to the improvement of the cultural situation in Slovenia, only as a professional employee, without fighting for a position which at least somewhat different from the information. although completely personal and for the general public, it is entirely irrelevant reasons already in the pre-election period, when his name appeared for the first time and then disappeared from the first pages & # 39; s and websites of substitute LMŠ candidates, came from the narrowest circles of the party.

When we asked Dr Simentinger, at a time when Bozena Peterlin also formally submitted her request for dismissal, she asked, as the alleged favorite of the local authority, the LMŠ party has actually submitted his application for the tender, he did not do this at the time of the telephone conversation. confirmed or denied, but he said that he first had to see what the terms of the tender would be.

According to expectations and prognoses, he really asked for the tender, but the plans for fast and dormant guaranteed entry into the function of the new director of the ZTŠK, LMŠ, the municipality of Kamnik was dissolved because of banal or formalistic errors. In the invitation to tender, "their candidate" sent an incomplete application that did not contain all the required content, which led to the Board of the Institute having on 8 August 2018, since the opening of received applications, the application as incomplete, at least in the from the city council has been eliminated. , caused considerable surprise and even a few panic.

An unusual search process for a taxpayer

At the meeting of Wednesday, August 8, 2018, the ZTŠK institute's council accepted the decision to invite only two candidates who met the conditions of the tender, but no other decision. That is why we got the day after the aforementioned meeting on Thursday, August 9, 2018, quite surprised when we received information from well informed and verified sources that the city council or more specifically, the deputy mayor Igor Žavbi and head of the Department of Social Affairs Tina Terček, on Friday, August 10, 2018, reportedly due to the organization of Days of National Costs, to invite an interview France Kramar and Tomaž Simentinger, who will take on the role of deputy director of ZTŠK on this occasion.

The next day the meeting really happened, and the two invited members actually got the opportunity to take on the duties of the duty officer during the meeting. This is the option Franci Kramar, who had already fulfilled the duties of the acting director of the Institute at the time of the previous change in management, was dismissed at the resignation of director Bozena Peterlin, as clearly and repeatedly announced Tomaž Simentinger adopted.

To the question we asked the chairman of the ZTŠK Council Martini Jerze, the latter replied that according to her authority the interview would have been carried out, but it is at least somewhat strange, if it is not so strange that the & # 39; offer & # 39; of the vd-es was not only attended, (personally inactive) member of the Board of the Institute, although this ultimately falls within the competence of the institution.

Whereas the Council of the Institute for Tourism, Sports and Culture did not discuss at 8.8.2018 at its 65th regular meeting, nor did it accept any decision about the official in attendance and possible interviews, in fact there was no speech at all, it could It is said that the city council, although perhaps well-intentioned, because the institution is likely to remain without signers of accounts and other documents just before the National Cost Days, conducted interviews with both candidates for their own initiative. surpassed his powers, as it was circumvented by the Board of the Institute, whose authority is also the appointment of the acting officer.

Members of the Board of the Institute for this interview of all potential candidates for the position of acting official, namely, they were not even aware or did not know the majority of the candidates. at least until the following week, Monday, August 13, 2018, when a correspondence meeting was convened by e-mail in connection with this subject.

Unfair scenario for candidates

This is of course a direct, and in fact an unacceptable and unacceptable interference of the municipal administration in the work of the public institution, public institutions, which have to work in cooperation with the municipality, but in principle operate completely independently and without the municipal, and especially without political interference and pressure, which are not only received in the ZTŠK, but according to the different (current and former) directors, can at least in part be explained by the reasons for such frequent breaks and changes in managerial staff and / or directors who on the one hand, to assume full responsibility for the functioning and functioning of public institutions, and on the other hand, because of their different interferences and pressures, they are not allowed to do independent and independent work, for which they were appointed and employed at all positions. .

Concerning the call for the new director the director and the appointment of the acting director of the ZTŠK, it is unintentionally assumed that the municipal administration, in Spanish with its "members" of the institute's council, is already prepared in advance so that "their" candidate will come for the appointment procedure for the director, it is confirmed by the city council and then, if the city council of the municipality of Kamnik does not meet early enough at a regular meeting, it is first appointed by the accelerated procedure as the acting official and then after a session at the municipal council meeting where LMŠ still has a convincing majority, even for the director.

All this has caused and caused unforeseen problems and complications due to the incomplete submission of their favorite candidate, which in the worst case could jeopardize the implementation of this year's National Volkskostdagen.

In the capacity of the proposed candidate for the acting director, who has proved repeatedly, at least in the field of culture, we do not doubt the least, but we hope that he will deal equally successfully with the duties of the director, but that such a recruitment method for the most important municipal functions is completely unacceptable, and the published tenders are only a formalistic farce, unfair to all candidates and candidates who apply in good faith to the call to receive equal and equal treatment, while at the same time investing a lot of time and effort in preparation, it is very likely I do not even say it.

Correspondence for "Solution of days of national costs"

Due to the fact that due to all of the above, in particular due to the upcoming National Cost Days, with the appointment of the ZTŠK Acting Director, the VD naming process was formally carried out by the ZTŠK Council correspondence meeting, which the President convened on August 13, it was closed on August 16, 2018.

During the correspondence session, the Council of the Institute presented the head of the Ministry of Culture to the Institute for Tourism, Sports and Culture Kamnik. dr. Tomaž Simentingerand the proposal will be urgently discussed by the municipal council of the municipality of Kamnik during a correspondence session, after which, in case of consensus, the Board of the Institute will decide on the appointment of the acting person in the coming week.

Since LMŠ still has a majority in the municipal council, it is probably not possible to expect that, even on the DNN line, the appointment of the proposed acting mayor would be rejected, with which the Kamnik Institute for Tourism, Sport and Culture temporarily leadership will get And LMŠ and the city council will, at least for some time, achieve their own goal, because they will at the same time be able to get rid of another capable director who has shown that he knows and wants to work independently and with to think of his own head and to put her "man" in her position, who may be ready to blow them together in the same horn, to dance more obediently to them.

The call is repeated

Even before the definitive appointment of a genuine new director, the public tender must be repeated again. It is expected that it is largely identical to the previous tender – (Link: Kamnik is looking for a new director / director of the Institute for Tourism, Sports and Culture Kamnik), and according to the Institute Council, the light of the world must be seen September 17, 2018, Candidates and candidates can register at the latest 30 days after the official announcement of the call.

However, a well-founded question arises: if, because of all colobots, an obvious non-literate staff-political kitchen, and also because of unequal treatment and inappropriate attitude of individual members of the Institute's Board to the candidates and applicants, there someone else will be on the tender, who would have gotten the status of a bit, I even wanted to report it.

Comment and explanation

Since we strongly defend the impartiality of reporting and non-interference of politics or capital in the editorial policies of the media, while at the same time advocating full transparency of the functioning of all public sectors and the use of public funds, it seems to us that all our readers and readers, it is also necessary to explain in particular that the Institute for Tourism, Sports and Culture Kamnik, like other (local) media and advertising agencies, has signed an advertising lease with our portal Kamnik.info.

For example, Kamnik.info and ZTŠK Kamnik have signed a similar cooperation agreement for the third consecutive year, in which KAMTK Kamnik advertises on the Kamnik.info portal, because regular cooperation between companies has not yet been established, if necessary and on a regular basis, on the basis of purchase orders and below favorable conditions, already ordered in 2015. From 2015 to the present, the Institute for Tourism, Sports and Culture Kamnik for the needs of business cooperation, advertising and information on the portal Kamnik.info, which (again from September 2014) according to Statistics visits about 80,000 unique visitors each month. (The average monthly visit was 77,500 visitors per month in 2017), with a total of EUR 7,639.50 or 7,939.50 EUR (advertising account for July is still open).

To facilitate implementation and comparison, we must mention that ZTŠK Kamnik, in the same period as shown by publicly available data, for business cooperation with publisher Gorenjski glas d.d., which also publishes the magazine Kamničan 21,311.99 EUR, with a view to business collaboration with the advertising agency IR IMAGE, which publishes Blue News, for example EUR 27,537.13, where it is necessary to add or it must be made clear that the resources provided by ZTŠK Kamnik for business cooperation with both mentioned companies are used not only for advertisements in Kamničanka and Modri ​​Novice, but also for other promotional campaigns in which they Participate.

Pressure and extortion

The Kamnik.info portal is an independent and non-profit medium, the content of which is usually generated on the basis of voluntary work, and the operating costs of the portal are covered exclusively by the income from the sale of advertising space. This of course does not mean that advertisers can get a special, privileged, content or editorial treatment, or influence the editorial policy of our portal, because even if this is often due to any business or other damage, this is completely independent and independent, and in our work we are dedicated and especially dedicated to our readers.

This also seems to explain us by the fact that during the gathering and searching of information about events in the Institute for Tourism, Sports and Culture Kamnik and, more often than not, in another case, usually by those who do not write our critical have it as if it has already been suggested several times or has specifically been said to "look something" about something and how we write, otherwise the contract with the institute will soon be interrupted. in any case not renewed. In the same breath, we are the same ones that we do not want to mention specifically for the time being, because we believe that all of them were only told in the current anger, reckless affect, but not with the concrete goal of settling them with attractive and favorable contributions, he wanted also draw attention to the bias and incorrectness of reporting.

Of course, any form of accusation and criticism is the most discouraging, because we constantly try to give our readers the best they can, although sometimes very critical, ironic or satirical, we provide as correct, correct and correct information from different sources as possible. irregular cases in which information is attempted in various ways to disguise or adapt the needs of interested parties is not always the easiest.

For all our written words we are firm and, if necessary, we also answer them, but we do not claim that we are always and everywhere right, because in our work and writing something like everyone can be (z) are distorted, but this is usually the result of inaccessibility and non-transparency, the hiding and distortion of (not) us given the information we provide, in order to provide the best information for the public, from non-official, yet verified and reliable sources . If we did not check the information as far as possible, we would have taken a door for a long time, but occasionally it could cause errors and misinterpretations or errors. understanding. However, we try to avoid as much as possible as much as possible.

We go on

In addition, we add that we want to do our work, as we have done so far, but we hope that it will continue to be of even more quality and, to a greater extent, in the future, without taking into account any indirect of concrete bedreigingen van fysiek geweld, rechtszaken, afpersing en soortgelijke druk en toelating van pesterijen, invloedrijke personen, politiek en kapitaal die de vrijheid van de media en de media bedreigen, het recht op informatie en de vrijheid om gedachten, spraak en spreken in het openbaar, de pers en andere vormen van openbare informatie en meningsuiting en alle andere rechten uit te drukken uiteindelijk ook verzekerd door de grondwet.

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