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Jakob Aljaž took place in 1895 at the top of Triglav to place a well-known tower today. Photo: BoBo

Triglav is popular with mountaineers to relieve the pressure, in Bohinj the initiative is taken for a 300-kilometer circuit around the Julian Alps. The project is worth a million euros. Photo: BoBo

A solemn event in Bohinjska Bistrica

September 2, 2018 at 10:14 PM
Bohinjska Bistrica – MMC RTV SLO, STA

"Many symbols separated us and even separated us, Triglav has always connected us," is at the ceremony Domá pod Triglavom on the 240th anniversary of the first ascent of Triglav, President Borut Pahor said.

"Triglav is a symbol of Slovene, our self-reliance and survival power" he stressed. He is sure he will do that "Triglav connected as long as the Slovenian man is here".

On 26 August 1778, the highest Slovenian summit was first conquered by four inhabitants of Bohinj, the miners Luka Korošec and Matevž KosHunter Štefan Rožič and an early cell Lovrenc Willomitzer. "Unlike many other countries, including large countries, it was not necessary for foreign expeditions to rise to our highest peak," he said. Said Pahor, emphasizing the virtue and courage of the Slovenian man to be "went to the top of his world".

The climb he led 240 years ago four years ago was compared with the increase we started with the development of Slovenia. "The beautiful, demanding is the ascent that we started with our own country, the climb to the free creativity, well-being and safety of our nation. The four forces have succeeded together during that time." I am convinced that when we can unite the power, success is also for us, " concluded Pahor.

The Bohinjians erected a monument for the first time and marked the anniversary of the first accession to our highest peak for the municipal holiday. This year's jubilee is dedicated to the annual celebration. You can see the event under the Triglav house in the images below.

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