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  • The editor of democracy claims that coverage is a matter of free and free editorial assessment.
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As for media reports on Muslims, they also responded to the Ombudsman's office. Photo: BoBo

According to the ministry's advice, the front page shows racial intolerance

August 31, 2018 at 4:40 PM
Ljubljana – MMC RTV SLO, Radio Slovenia, Television Slovenia

Much excitement was caused by the recent coverage of weekly democracy, which it incorporates "The culture of rape comes from migrants to Slovenia"and this plate is also accompanied by an edited photograph of a white woman of a woman who is supposed to be attacked by migrants with a dark skin color.

"On this cover I recognize hate speech. I see intolerance and a way of communicating that should be strange to the society I own here, "a clinical psychologist commenting on TV Slovenia Aleksander Saddle.

The fact that this is an unethical, ideological abuse of the media was also recognized in the Society of Journalists of Slovenia, reports the journalist TV Slovenija Eugenia Carl. "Such heads are not only meant to promote intolerance, but they must be called with the real name, and that is racism." This is not a discussion that would focus on discussing integration or migrant politics, it is easy to generate hatred. It is about waking up fear, above everything that does not belong in the stereotypical image of real Slovenes. "What worries me is that this rhetoric quickly enters our room and poisons it with false data that has no basis in fact," says the vice president of the Slovenian journalists' association Primož Cirman.

In the Slovenian press association, the media inspection asked for action. The media inspector was reported by Radio Slovenia's journalist Tine Lamovsek in the bastard's answer, just to take note of the application and to deal with it as quickly as possible.

Data on rape in a lie have been set "culture of rape"
Information about the violence of immigrants in Slovenia, which provides the media of the right political pool daily, is in fact fake. As far as the threat is concerned, a frontal visual connotation of the cover is also afraid. We have generally asked the police services for statistics on rape in Slovenia from 2010 to the present. In 37 years 374 rapes took place in our country. Of these, almost all, 334, are committed by Slovenian citizens. The remaining perpetrators mainly come from the countries of the former Yugoslavia. Citizens of countries where possible immigrants come from, commit rape in eight years in 2011 and 2015, that is, before the refugee wave. Two of the perpetrators came from Sudan, one from Tunisia and Nigeria. Rape took place in the vicinity of the Ljubljana police station. In other police services, rape crimes committed by nationals of migrant countries do not exist, reports Eugenia Carl.

"It is worrying because the signal that branches from the front page touches the part of the population, which in itself is the bearer of intolerance, fear, insecurity and, of course, potentially also the carrier of aggression.If we do not respond to such provocations, is it dangerous at the moment, so that people will feel that they can afford more and more such an expression and the violent behavior of tomorrow in accordance with intolerance, " warns Saddle. To accuse coverage of cover coverage, they also consider the Ministry of Culture: "In our opinion, the head of Democracy objectively expresses racial hatred, as rape is apparently (and only) associated with migrants of dark skin," they told TV Slovenia. The magazine reported to the media inspectorate and at the same time found that the case had to become an adult to be prosecuted.

For our television they also responded to the Borut Pahor cabinet. They wrote that the president always kept media commentary so that he would not be criticized for disrupting freedom of speech and the press. However, his views on urgent mutual respect are known.

He thinks he should not be silent: "Everyone who feels responsible for the society he wants to live in is right when he responds to such provocations, from the summits of the state to those who have the school system. It is true that we start to learn about interculturality from kindergarten respect, acceptance and respect for diversity. "

Editor of Democracy: the front page is a matter of free editorial assessment
Director and editor-in-chief of democracy Jože Biščak he sees no problems. She believes that coverage is a matter of free and free editorial assessment. "The border does not speak about rape in Slovenia, but about migrants who bring rape culture to Slovenia." The culture of rape is an established sociological concept for societies where rape is socially acceptable and is not even a criminal offense. " He reports with the case of Pakistan, where many asylum seekers are expected, reports Eugenia Carl.

"We must communicate clearly, not only do we not accept such communication, but it is necessary to clearly and transparently tell how we will all contribute by taking our actions to deprive such actions from the home country" The cover of democracy still comments on Saddle.

Weak persecution of hostile speech
Calls to regulate the area of ​​persecution of hate speech are not new. Some of the public have already been criticized in the past by the failure of the competent authorities. In Article 297, the Penal Code refers to the prosecution of hatred, violence and intolerance. A case of a complex area, the prosecutor said a few months ago Drago Šketa.

He explained that the public prosecutor's office is not authorized to prosecute every word that is pronounced or written, but that it must first assess the content on the basis of certain criteria. They mention them: "The occupation of a person, its position, who writes, the purpose of the person who speaks or writes, the influence and range of the pronounced position, the nature and the threat of groups that were the target and the weight and proportionality of prosecution and sanctions with regard to content. " The police are responsible for detecting violations, but in very rare cases Tina Lamovšek has acted very rarely.

In response to reports on Muslims, the Ombudsman's Office said they were opposed to the humiliating treatment of any religion, the malicious treatment of members with prejudices, stereotypes and pre-existing unfounded accusations, incitement and hostile attitudes. Here are some examples "Rjuharic" also drew attention to democracy. The bureau warns that the constitution prohibits the incitement to national, racial, religious or other inequality and the infliction of national, racial, religious or other hatred and intolerance.

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