In an accident at the AC in Mrtvice with a car in a fence and on a roof

At 4.51 pm, on the Drnovo – Čatež motorway, near the settlement Mrtvice, a traffic accident took place in which the driver of the passenger car entered the reflecting gate and rolled to the roof.

The survivors brought two people to a hospital

Firefighters The professional fire brigades of Krško have disconnected the battery from the vehicle and Krško's emergency medical services have transported two wounded to the general hospital Brežice. At the time of the disaster, traffic on the main road to Brezice was hampered for some time.

Notifications and other activities

In the Brežice Brežice Information Center in the last 12 hours, seven calls for emergency medical assistance have been submitted, while the service hygiene of the National Veterinary Institute Novo Mesto has issued an order for the removal of the dead animals.


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