(INTERVIEW) Marjan Podobnik: "I take Kangler as our candidate"

Gleds program guideline SLS under your leadership raises the question of returning to your traditional themes, taking care of the countryside and self-sufficiency, or do you insist on the migrant theme that your radical Marcus Zidansk was rather radical about?

"The emphasis of the program is not and will not be the basic message of the SLS in the near future. At the congress we first announced for ourselves that we were able to join together. We informed the Slovenian public that of the state of big skirmishes and frustrations and wounds we came to a point that we can say to move on from here. "The SLS enters the Slovenian political scene with great strides and we want to open a space that is closed because of the strong conflict between the two exclusive poles. "

It sounds like a prediction of the return of your policy of excessive building that marked your first period at the helm of the SLS?

"We are proud of the fact that we built bridges in the past, and at that time we have prevented many extremely harmful things, such as the collapse of Litostroi, and today we want to build a platform of inclusiveness, everyone is welcome if it is not a priori exclusive is part of a story that is radically nationalist, neo-fascist or revolutionary communist.Most citizens simply want to live in a successful country.We want to contribute to the party. & # 39;

The SLS gets the mayor of Maribor, since I bring Franck Kangler to us

From statements of SLS excluded Franc Kangler at the SLS Congress, now President of the New People's Party, suggests that the merger of both parties is expected to be expected soon.

"I am genuinely glad to be able to do this, I believe that we will come to the integration of the SLS and the NLS when preparing the legal and program congress, as well as a few other parties, the list and movements of civil society. will be linked to the efforts for an open society, the hard landing at the bottom gave us a great opportunity to position ourselves so wide and open.Let me give an example: SLS is the one who has proved in action that we are all against fighting Nazism, fascism and communism In our ranks, the partisans and their successors act, as do the homeland and the opponents of communism. "

What is the attitude of SLS towards the SDS, the biggest political power right? SDS president Janez Janša, as a guest at the conference, said that the right-wing parties are sovereign and that they are not SDS satellites, which are often blamed.

"We are wide open to everyone, we come from the circle of the Slovenian spring as the first democratic spring festival in Slovenia, but we do not hide the ambition that the SLS will be the one that is capable of both parties. to join our right and the parties left to us in the broad Slovenian I believe the cooperation with Nova Slovenia will be intensified, I am not talking about a unification regarding bad experiences, but I expect good cooperation at local and European level elections I expect a form of winning cooperation at the next parliamentary elections with the NSi. "

Does the SDS need a new face at the top of the party?

"I absolutely refuse to evaluate what would be good for another program partner." Janša led Slovenia very well when he presided over the EU Council. He is one of the most capable Slovenian politicians, but he also has bad qualities, like all of us. "

"After years of flying comes spring"
At the Congress in Novo Mesto, SLS also elected new vice presidents of the party, which became a European member Franc Bogovich, the presidential candidate Suzana Lara Krause and Modest Motaln (the latter was automatically chosen together with Podobnik).
The congress was attended by prominent guests from both political poles, including the president of the SDS Janez Janša, the Minister of Economy Zdravko Počivalšek (SMC), a European member of the NSi Lojze Peterle and the president of the NLS Franc Kangler. Jansa, who missed half an hour, said in his speech: "There are six satellites in the government coalition and because they do not have a planet, the coalition will be dissolved." The biggest applause was given to the age of the SLS Ivan Oman. "The Lastovka of the Slovene Spring must be called up again to approach that we will be liberated after the liberation," said Oman standing ovations.

Marjan Podobnik today and twenty years ago? When you led the SLS for the first time, political opponents accused you of populism, are you obliged to redo the party?

"I will try to work with fewer words and more actions. I am glad that the youthful energy I had twenty years ago would take over Modest Motaln, the new vice president of the party, and I believe we will act as a double player, her and hopefully, with some more wisdom on this basis, we will demonstrate the successful collaboration between the younger and the older generation, a model for the success of the customer and the state. "

Local elections and mayors remain a source of power for the SLS?

"SLS gets a mayor in Maribor because I take Franck Kangler as our candidate, SLS will remain the party with the highest number of mayors and a strong team of municipal councilors." The problems of the party in recent years can increase the number of people who will be independent. "

How long do you expect Marijan Šarc from Petar?

"I think the government will work from two years to the full term of office, and I would like it to be successful in my work because it is good for the citizens, although I do not agree with many things about this government, at the moment this is a government that has the majority, and the successes are good for people in our country. "

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