Strong tides have caused problems with the # video country

The country was hit by severe storms, which caused problems some time ago. The firefighters pulled the meteoric water out of the cellar, overtook the trees and cleared the crowd.

According to the Mayor of Brezovica, the method of Ropret was the worst in their municipality in Notranje Gorice, where the two families of the storm completely exposed the roof. There were about 100 firefighters on the ground, who were most urgently able to repair before 14.00 hours.

Ropret explained that a heavy storm with wind and strong rain began to rip in their congregation around 7:30 PM. The wind revealed the roofs of several residential houses, completely exposed to the roof of a two-story building. A landslide was also used, the meteor shower flooded several basements of residential buildings and Tuš shops.

So, firefighters had a lot of work to do. They were mediated in 36 interventions, there were firefighters from six fire departments there, as well as the services in the field.

By 2.00 pm they managed to cover all exposed objects and eliminate the worst effects. Nowadays, more rehabilitation work is being carried out and the end of the storm will last until the end of the week, the mayor reported. "I hope we can manage to ensure that families who have sustained damage get normal living conditions in the shortest possible time," he said. According to him, there are currently no estimates of damage available, the list will be held in the next week.

Firefighters were also indispensable in other municipalities

In addition to the municipality of Brezovica, the storm covered the region of Ig, Log-Dragomer and Grosuplje. The firefighters also sent to various locations in Borovnica, where they pumped meteoric water from the cellar and cleaned up the crowd.

In the Novo-Mesto area the storm was broken by trees that hindered traffic. In Dolenjska Nemška Vas, in the municipality of Trebnje, meteor water threatened the gymnasium of the primary school and in this municipality the avalanche was closed by the Odrga-Repče-laan .

Most of the problems were found in Dolenjska in the municipality of Trebnje, where felled trees impeded traffic, while the Odrga-Repce road closed the landslide. They have often cleaned so much that transport is alternate in a way. In the German village, meteor water threatened the gymnasium of primary school.

The weekend will be cloudy and rainy

Rainfall was gradual at night, today it will only be partly in the west of the country, while the rest will be mostly cloudy, occasionally smaller local precipitation.

At night everything is approved, it starts raining in the west. Weathermen, especially for Primorsko, predict storms.

Precipitation with stronger rainfall is also at the end of the week.

Today we have between day 18 and 23 during the day, and in Primorska to 28 degrees Celsius.

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